Create content

With Litium you can manage content for any kind of website. You can work with your e-commerce website, product web or a corporate website. You work with all page content under Sites - this is the Content Management System (CMS) of Litium.


Most content shown to a visitor in the public site is created using pages. Pages are used for managing the content of:

  • startpage
  • landing pages for departments and categories
  • landing pages for brands
  • landing pages for product or seasonal campaigns
  • information about physical stores
  • contact us form
  • checkout page
  • error pages
  • any normal content pages such as "About us", "Terms and conditions" etc

It is common to build customer specific functionality using pages as a foundation and if your site is made from a Litium Accelerator as a starting point, there are a number of additional features using pages. 


All product information is handled under Products, where you enrich, translate and add images to your products. 


You manage all your information about categories under Products. You set up the category structure, enrich the categories with name, images, translations and add search engine friendly information.

Product lists

The content of a product list can be set up manually by simply adding products and sorting them as it suits you. There are also smart lists where the content (products) are dynamically defined by a set of filter conditions.

Images and other media

All images are stored under Media for central storage, and they are accessible when working with both pages, products, customers etc.