Create a page


  1. Left or right click the page that will be parent page to the new page. Click "New" in toolbar or in the right click menu. 
  2. Select the page type you want. There are several types of pages to use:
  • Regular page - Common content page for text and images. 
  • Product page - Specific page types that are used to display product information.
  • Function page - All other page types, such as contact form, shopping cart etc. 
  • Shared page - Used to share content between pages. Usually between different websites.
  • Translation - Create a translation work flow based on a specific page. Each time a page is updated, the translator will be notified.

3. Enter the basic information:

  • Page name - The page's name in menus.
  • URL name - The URL shown in browsers address field. The whole URL will be built based on top of the parent page URL. 
  • Page template - A page template define the design of the page. It is possible to change temaplate later. 


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