Working with pages

Pages and working copies

When you click to edit a page, a working copy of that page will be created. This means that you are not directly editing the content visitors are viewwing. This allows you to save your changes, on that working copy, until you are ready to publish. When you publish the working copy, it will replace the current page's content.

Lock and unlock a page

You can lock a page to ensure that no one else will be working on the same page as you. 

  1. Select a page.
  2. Click “Lock”.

The selected page is locked and a new menu option “Unlock” is shown.

Even though a page is locked by someone else, you can still unlock it by clicking "Unlock".

Hide a page in menus

You can create pages that will not be shown in menus. A visitor can still access the page by browsing to its URL. 

  1. Select a page.
  2. Click “Hide in menu”.

The links to access the selected page will be removed from all the pages and the tree node displaying that particular page will be displayed with a dotted line.

Page permissions

Permissions are set under “Settings” -> "Permissions". Permissions can be set for Litium Groups.

  1. Select the user group which needs to be given access to the page and click on the right arrow.
  2. Specify permission by selecting the Read, Write and Publish checkboxes given in line with the selected user group
  3. To remove a selected group, click on the left arrow, that particular group will be moved back to the “Available groups” panel.

Page responsibility

You can define resposibility for users and pages. These pages are shown in widgets and in the start page of "Sites" so that the users can see what pages they have responsibility for. 

Version list

If the page type of a page has a setting that allows autmatic creation of versions. possible versions are shown in this list.

View a version

  1. Select a page.
  2. Click “Settings” and “Version list”.
  3. Select a version from the list
  4. Click “Display” and the selected page will be displayed
  5. Click “Restore” to restore the page
  6. Click “Back” to return to the version list page


Advanced settings contains information about the current page.

  • Address - Displays the URL to current page.
  • Page type - The name of current page type is displayed.
  • Template - Which page template are used.
  • Start page - It is possible to define any page as a start page. It can be usefull if you temporary want to display a campaign page as start page.
  • Deactivate in menu - Deactivating means that the page is displayed but not clickable in the menu.
  • Sitemap - Defines whether the page is displayed in the sitemap (Even Google Sitemap).
  • Unpublish date - If you want to define a specific date to unpublish this page.
  • Auto archive - Auto archive means that the page is transferred to the archive at a given time.


Archive a page

  1. Select page
  2. Drag and drop it to the “Archive” node given for its website.
  3. Click “Ok” to the confirmation message that follows. The selected page will be archived.


You can archive a page only if “Can be moved to archive” page property is set to true in the page type. If you have enabled the “Auto Archive” option, Litium will automatically archive the page according to the set time interval.

To view archived pages click “Archive” in the left menu

Restore an archived page

  1. Click the “Archive” in the left menu .
  2. Select the page which you want to restore
  3. Click “Restore” .The selected page will be restored to its original position as an unpublished page


Move a page to trashcan

  1. Select a page and do one of the following

- Drag and drop it to the trashcan node given for its website

- Click “Move to trashcan”  in the toolbar

- Right click and select "Move to trashcan"

View pages in trashcan

  1. Click “Trashcan” in left menu.

Restore a page from trashcan

  1. Click “Trashcan”.
  2. Select the page which you want to restore
  3. Click “Restore” .The selected page will be restored to its original position as an unpublished page
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