Create landing pages using sections

In the Litium Accelerator you can create a landing page by using what we call "sections". Sections are parts of a page that can be moved around as it suits you. Sections is a functionality of the Litium Accelerator and can be modified in customer projects.

What are sections?

Sections are parts of a page. Page sections can be moved up or down in the page. A section is represented by a page of it's own. And since each section is represented by a page of it's own, it has the functionality that all pages have. For example, you can edit, save, publish, time publish or delete one or all parts of a page as it suits you. This means that you can time publish parts or all of the start page's content.

Sections can as default be used in the Litium Accerator page types:

  • Start page
  • Article (an ordinary content page)
  • Product group page
  • Product set page
  • Brand page

Sections have different content 

Litium Accelerator is shipped with sections that holds different kinds of content. One section let's you you show products, while another shows a banner. Here are some examples.

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