Release notes for Klarna Add-On

This section contains Klarna plugin release notes with details about changes in each Klarna plugin release version.

Version 4.7.126

Release date: 2023-04-25


64136 Ability for Klarna extension to support any value for intial_payment_method.type

Version 4.7.125

Release date: 2023-01-19


62917 Klarna HPP behviour changes are not handled in the add-on Critical

Version 4.7.124

Release date: 2022-12-08


62606 New Klarna PaymentType PAY_BY_CARD breaks Klarna Addon Critical

Version 4.7.123

Release date: 2022-10-27


61519 LitiumKcoApi ValidateKcoOrder throws Object reference null Critical

Version 4.7.123-pre01

Release date: 2022-09-21


61519 LitiumKcoApi ValidateKcoOrder throws Object reference null Critical

Klarna 4.7.122

  • Fix: Added missing shipping method enums that causes KSA to fail when using PickUpWarehouse or ClickCollect as shipping method.

Klarna 4.7.121

  • Fix: Incorrect order total when using KSS with repeated orders in same session, shipping option does not initialize correctly to its shipping fee.
  • New: Klarna environment to use can be specified using accountCountry parameter in config. See upgrade instructions to update the Litium.AddOns.Klarna.dll.config file

Klarna 4.7.120

  • New: Added support for CountryChanged callback in Klarna Checkout.

Klarna 4.7.119

  • New: Ability to handle Swish and MobilePay as payment methods in Klarna Checkout.
  • Fix - Missing payment method enums causes fetching Klarna order from Litium API to fail. If unused payment methods are added to Klarna account, end customers may place orders, but Litium would not record the order because the enum for that payment method is missing.

Klarna 4.7.118

  • Fix - Wrong ColorHeader in json property causing Klarna KCO iframe to not display custom colors correctly.

Klarna 4.7.117

  • Fix: Capture always captures the whole order line.

Klarna 4.7.116

  • Fix: json temporary files are not cleared, if Klarna V2 and Klarna V3 both installed in same machine.

Klarna 4.7.115

  • Fix: distributeHppSessionPaymentLink attribute was incorrectly named, causing the released Litium.AddOns.Klarna.dll.config file to not work.

Klarna 4.7.114

  • New attribute in config file; distributeHppSessionPaymentLink . See upgrade instructions.
  • New: Distribute Klarna HPP with a payment link, such as a QR Code or through email. See more details >>.
  • Fix: Incorrect payment status in Litium if a refund fails.

Klarna 4.7.113

  • New: Klarna checkout, ability to make mobile phone mandatory through checkout options.
  • Fix: Klarna Hpp, results in ReserveFailed payment status, though at Klarna the payment is reserved. See upgrade instructions >>.

Klarna 4.7.112

  • Fix: Compatibility issues with Litium 4.8, Litium 5 and Litium 6

Klarna 4.7.111

  • New: Klarna shipping services (KSS)
  • Upgrade: Klarna.Rest.Core is discontinued by Klarna, and Litium is re-distributing the Litium version of the updated klarna core library, as Litium.Klarna.Rest.Core. See upgrade instructions >>. (Note that the Klarna.Rest.Core libarary v3.1.12 from Klarna does not support Klarna shipping services)

Klarna 4.7.110

  • Fixed: North America Live environment was not correctly set.

Klarna 4.7.109

  • Upgrade to Klarna.Rest.Core 3.1.12

Klarna 4.7.108

  • Fixed: House number and house extension fields not set.
  • New: API to set tracking reference to Klarna capture call.

Klarna 4.7.107

  • Repackage the nuget-package to remove file that overwrite the solution's web.config.

Klarna 4.7.106

  • Klarna.Rest.Core package updated to v3.1.9.

Klarna 4.7.105

  • Klarna HPP for headless commerce. See also: How to configure payment providers for headless api here>>.

Klarna 4.7.104

  • Fixed: HttpContext is not coppied correctly, when modifying the response sent to Klarna, on KlarnaPaymentConfigV3::UpdateDataSentToKlarna method.
  • Fixed: If ConstantAndKeys::ClientLanguage setting is not set, taking current language fails if background call comes first.
  • Fixed: If ERP system has already captured the KCO order, calling the capture from Litium Backoffice or web-api should not result in an error.

Klarna 4.7.103

  • Klarna Payments Hosted Payment Pages (Hpp) method. Litium 7.x is recommended.
  • Klarna Rest.Core api upgrade. Has braking changes in API. Please refer upgrade instructions.
  • Fix: Multiple VAT percentages in different order rows in same order causes errors.

Klarna 4.7.102

  • Fixed: Klarna V2, if cart is updated when on slow internet connections,  when user is updating their cart, user can click the "place order" (Slutför köp) button before Klarna order is updated by Litium. This is true even if the Klarna Jscript api has disabled the UI, as browser can be refreshed and "Place order" (Sluteför köp) button can be clicked. This issue is not present in Klarna KCO V3 as Klarna disallow the late update and notify Litium with an error message.

Klarna 4.7.101

  • Extra checks added to avoid double orders at Litium to same order in Klarna, together with better login to trace errors.

Klarna 4.7.100

  • Version number jump is not due to major changes, in 4.7.100, first two digits 4.7 indicates minimum supported Litium version.
  • Fixed: Klana V3 and Klarna V2, when "notify order created" call from Litium to Klarna fails, double orders will be created in Litium for the same order in Klarna side, one order at Litium when Klarna redirects to Litium and another duplicate order at Litium from Klarna background call (this is because Klarna could not be updated in the first call due to timeouts). Following change need to be done in Accelerator code where PlaceOrder method is made. Note that when the order fetched from place order method is not null, still an ExecutePayment call may be needed based on Payment status.

Klarna 4.0.0

  • Support for Litium 7

Klarna 3.3.1

  • Update to support multiple payments in the same order. There should only be only one Klarna payment per order, yet there can be other payments from other payment providers connected to same order.

Klarna 3.3.1

  • Klarna V3 updated to use latest Klarna REST API.
  • Fixed: Klarna V3 telephone number is not saved as mobile number when fetching addresses from Klarna.
  • Klarna V3: Added "type" to order lines sent to Klarna, as it is now mandatory from Klarna API.

Klarna 3.3.0

  • Fixed: Klarna push notification not working.
  • Improvements on trace logging.

Klarna 3.2.0

  • Klarna V2: Added support for Klarna Checkout B2B.

Klarna 3.1.0

  • Klarna V2: Fixed Klarna invoice PDF link and upgraded Klarna API.

Klarna 3.0.1

  • Added support for Klarna Checkout V3 (Litium.AddOns.Klarna and Litium.AddOns.Klarna.UI).
  • Cross-sell on confirmation page (Klarna Checkout V3 API does not support as of Jan 2017, but Klarna Checkout V2 is working).
  • Abandoned cart email - need Litium Accelerator MVC.
  • Klarna Checkout (KCO) page type for web forms is now distributed with the Accelerator Web Forms. The ZIP package will no longer be available from the download area.
  • Klarna Checkout (KCO) for MVC accelerator: The necessary Model View Controller artifacts are shipped with the Accelerator MVC package.

Klarna 2.30

  • Added support for Klarna Germany.

Klarna 2.29

  • Release as Nuget package.

Klarna 2.28

Klarna 2.27

  • Fix - Klarna Checkout. If the user clicks on the Slutför köp button while the checkout page is reloading, or reloads the checkout page immediately after having clicked Slutför köp (or clicks any other button that causes cart update events), the checkout page may end up blank, with an error, or Klarna may end up with duplicate orders.
  • Fix - Incorrect rounding off of VAT, when VAT percentage is 24% for certain order total values, where VAT becomes a non-rational number.
  • Fix - Klarna Checkout. Suspend and Resume Klarna snippet, when there is update panels.

Klarna 2.26

  • Fix - Multi-server environments may see occasional file I/O errors because of the Klarna Checkout temporary file is locked by another process.

Klarna 2.25

  • Klarna Checkout: Support for additional payment methods.
  • Fix - Klarna Checkout: Payment info payment date is not set initially, causing payment status synchronizer scheduled task to miss pending orders and not updating the payment status correctly.

Klarna 2.24.2

  • Add trace logging in easy to read format, to see communication between Klarna and Litium Studio in Klarna Checkout.

Klarna 2.24.1

  • Add trace logging to see communication between Klarna and Litium Studio in Klarna Checkout.

Klarna 2.24

  • Klarna Checkout: Allow options such as Color, custom message box, etc.
  • Klarna Checkout: Validation callback.
  • Klarna Checkout: API upgrade, Klarna Checkout API
  • Klarna Checkout: BacktoStore url.
  • Klarna Checkout: Shopping cart empty message from Klarna - more streamlined UI experience.
  • Klarna Checkout: Additional checks to avoid double orders in Klarna side for the same order in Litium Studio.
  • Klarna Checkout: Allow alternative delivery address configuration option.
  • Klarna Checkout: Always update or populate the Customer info address from Klarna billing address.

Klarna 2.23

  • Fix - Klarna part payment campaigns dropdown list has incorrect entries when using multiple Klarna accounts.
  • Fix - Address sent to Klarna may not match the national registration address if address2 has been specified.

Klarna 2.22

  • Fix - Klarna Checkout installer not working from control panel deployment.

Klarna 2.20

  • Fix - Klarna Checkout sometimes creates duplicated orders when in multi-server environment.

Klarna 2.17

  • GetAddress does not return the organization name.

Klarna 2.16

  • Klarna Checkout: Allow sync with Klarna to get correct status, when failing to notify Klarna the 'order created' status for Klarna Checkout orders.
  • Klarna Checkout: Duplicate Litium Studio orders if the Klarna NotifyCreated call goes out of sync with Klarna.

Klarna 2.15

  • Fix SendByMail flag should be sent when SendByEmail flag is off.

Klarna 2.13

  • Fix bug on formatting error message when reserve fails with an exception.
  • Klarna PaymentMethodService - Beta.

Klarna 2.12

  • Klarna Checkout API upgrade (breaking changes in Klarna Checkout pagetype).
  • Ability to set AutoFocus in Klarna Checkout to false as a configuration setting. (stops checkout page jumping to Klarna Checkout iframe)
  • Populate customer info from Klarna if purchased as an anonymous user.
  • Creating Klarna Checkout pagetype from Control Panel Deployments in backoffice.
  • Company name set in delivery addresses when configured to send company name to Klarna. (Earlier it was only set in Billing address.)

Klarna 2.11

  • VAT amount shown on the Klarna invoice is not correct when items with different VAT percentages are bought.

Klarna 2.1

  • Updated to latest Klarna API: dot-net:api:3.1.0 version.
  • Send return invoice by EMail for klarna Checkout.

Klarna 2.0

  • Upgraded to Litium Studio 4.7 version.

Klarna 1.11

  • Client IP address to use HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR http request server variable when available.
  • Klarna Checkout may fail when there is a free gift based on order total in some instances.

Klarna 1.10

  • Internal release for Klarna acceptance testing.

Klarna 1.9

  • Support for Klarna checkout callbacks added. Note that for Klarna checkout to work, Klarna checkout page type has to be used.

Klarna 1.8

  • Support for Klarna Checkout added. Note that for Klarna checkout to work, Klarna checkout page type has to be used.

Klarna 1.7

  • Change Klarna test server address to
  • Fixed: Klarna campaigns part payment options dropdown disregards the minimum order total to enable a campaign.
  • Fixed: Part payment options drop down does not correctly show the description for delay campaigns and the Klarna-konto option.