Request a license

The license that ships with Litium, this is also the case for upgrade versions, is a time limited evaluation license, and must be replaced by a correct license for the new version. Otherwise, when the evaluation time has expired, the installation can no longer be used.

In order for us to send a new license there must be a signed license agreement and Product/Upgrade agreement between the customer and Litium.

The invoice is based on current price list at the date of request. Any partner discount is invoiced from partner to Litium. For questions on licenses, contact Litium support.

Request a license here

Buy additional licenses 

If your customer wants to add for example additional websites or web server licenses according to Litium Pricelist please contact your partner manager.

Daniel Hultgren
036-210 33 13

Third-party licenses - terms and conditions

The third-party components used in Litium along with links to license terms and conditions.