What's new?

In Litium 6 the areas Customers and Media have been re-designed to sport the same look and feel that was introduced to the Products area in Litium 5. The user interface is fast and smooth, with new features such as customer segmentation and flexible data modeling of Media using the same new field framework that was introduced for Products in Litium 5. The areas Customers and Media now supports the new service oriented API.


  • Enhanced media management including a new UI
  • Enhanced customer management including a new UI
  • The new service oriented API now covers Media and Customers
  • Customer segmentation (smart groups)
  • Improved address handling
  • Field framework support in Media
  • Support for the Exif standard in Media (Exchangeable image file format)
  • GDPR support

The new modern UI and API

The new UI and API are modern, fast and built on the latest technology. The new UI and API has been introduced in two more areas increasing the overall performance of the platform.

Whats_new1.jpgThe re-designed Customers area

Whats_new2.jpgThe re-designed Media area


The new modern and flexible API that was introduced in Litium 5 has now been expanded to cover the Customers and Media areas. It is built to meet the requirements of modern e-commerce. In future versions the API will cover the rest of the platform. 

The new API has a structure that makes it easier for developers to build custom solutions in an efficient way. The new structure also facilitates automated testing of the customer solutions, ensuring higher quality deliveries. Together with other major technical improvements, the API provides a significant increase in performance. This is especially true when it comes to writing large amounts of data and integrations.

  • Developer-friendly structure
  • New patterns
  • The new field framework has been introduced for two more areas, Customers and Media.
  • High performance

New features in the Media area

  • New user interface
  • New field framework for media and media folders
  • Exif support (Exchangeable image file format)
  • Drag and drop to upload media files
  • Easier to work with permissions
  • Movie preview

New features in the Customers area

  • New user interface
  • New field framework
  • Customer segmentation with “smart groups”
  • Easier to work with permissions
  • Improved address handling
  • Delete and export personal data for GDPR support

GDPR support

The new European data protection rules, GDPR, are approaching fast. It will apply to all companies conducting business with individuals in the European Union. The regulation will strengthen consumer's rights to control the personal information stored about them by organisations. Litium has introduced new features to help you comply with the new regulation.

  • Delete personal data, including orders
  • Export personal data
  • Delete historical orders automatically
  • Log of users with access to personal data
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