Data modelling

Data modelling is the process of defining the objects and attributes that represent the business of a customer in Litium. For example defining which set of attributes a product has, or defining which fields a page or block in the CMS should have.

In Litium the attributes or properties for products or pages are called fields. At Litium we commonly refer to data modelling as using the field framework. The field framework is consistent with smaller variations across the functional areas and objects in the platform.

Entities with data modelling

The entities in the table below support data modeling. 






Product Page Market Person Media
Category Block Channel Group Folder


Fields types

Field types are the smallest part of the data modelling, and is a predefined data type like text, date or image.

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Fields and field templates

Fields represents an attribute or property of an entity, for example name or weight of product. A field is always of a certain field type. In this case name would be of data type text and weight would probably be decimal.

A field template is a set of fields to describe a type of an entity. For example a product type like sweaters, or in a completely different scenario, a phone. To describe sweaters and phones, we need different sets of fields set up in field templates.

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Field groups

To facilitate managing fields inside a template, fields can be grouped into field groups.

Display templates

In Products and in Websites, the field templates also have a display template. It defines how the fields are going to be displayed in a website.

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