Litium APIs

This is an introduction and overview of the Litium APIs.

Storefront API

The Storefront API is a GraphQL API used by any presentation layer, like the Litium headless accelerator. Use it to manage customer carts and checkouts, present CMS or PIM content from Litium, or get contextual information about markets, channels, countries, currencies, VAT and more.

Read more about the Storefront API


Connect APIs

The connect APIs are a set of integration APIs. They are REST APIs and are are organized in domain areas like ERP, payments and shipments. 

Read more in the introduction to Litium Connect APIs.

Connect ERP API ref

Connect payments API ref

Connect shipments API ref


Admin web API

The admin web API is a general purpose REST API. The Admin API mirrors the .NET API in functionality. 

Admin API ref



The .NET API is used when writing back end code for the MVC accelerator and extensions to Litium, for example building add-ons as extensions.

The .NET API reflect more or less the same actions you can take as an administrator with CRUD operations for all major entities in all areas, for example:

  • Sales - cart, order, payment, shipment, campaign, discount, adress, return order
  • Products - assortment, category, base product, variant, product list, price list, inventory
  • Websites - website, draft, page, block
  • Globalization - market, channel, country, currency, tax class
  • Customers - person, organization, group, address, role, target group
  • Media - file, folder

.NET API ref