Litium 8 public beta

Get ready for Litium 8

Test-drive the public beta and prepare for coming projects on Litium 8. Contribute in shaping our products by letting us know what you think.

Litium 8 public beta and roadmap to official release

We are in the second beta phase of the Litium 8 project, and the second beta is the first public beta version of Litium 8. There is a third public beta planned to August, and the official release of Litium 8 is planned for late September this fall. 

What is Litium 8 public beta?

The purpose of the public beta is to let Litium partners get familiar with the new features and new technology in Litium 8, and prepare for coming customer projects when the official Litium 8.0 is released.

What can I do with Litium 8 public beta?

As a Litium partner you can access the code as well as the documentation of the Litium platform. You can explore the functionality, APIs and other technical frameworks. If you have technical components or frameworks that you have developed in-house, you can prepare for coming Litium 8 projects by updating these to be compatible with the APIs and technical frameworks of Litium 8.

When can we start customer projects on Litium 8?

Customer projects can start on the official Litium 8.0 release from October the first.

Will we get support when working with the public beta version?

We welcome anybody to report bugs on the beta versions in our bug reporting in the, and to post ideas on improvements in under the product category Public beta. We also encourage you to post questions on the beta versions in to get help from the community. The official Litium Support does not handle tickets on public beta versions.  

Is Litium 8.0 suitable for all projects?

The first official release of Litium 8 targets new customer projects. The reason is that an upgrade script will be released in Litium 8.1 in November, to support upgrading projects. Before starting a project, it is a good idea to check which add-ons are needed in the project and confirm with Litium what the plan is when it comes to upgrading these add-ons to Litium 8.