Personalize content and campaigns

If you want to display targeted content and campaigns towards specific visitors to you website you can use the feature Target Groups. For example: A visitor has looked at a product you can show that or similar products in for example product listings or set a campaign price.

Segment your visitors

Segment your website's anonymous visitors into target groups to which you can add a number of conditions. The most basic example of segmentation could be "Women" and "Men". But there are no limitations, you can use as many target groups as you like.

Create target groups and add conditions

There are more than 10 prebuilt conditions (for example "Has product in cart") shipped with Litium studio which you can combine freely. Simply add conditions from a list in back office. It is also easy for developers to build your own unique conditions.

The campaign engine has a new condition called "Customer belongs to target group" so that you can personalize campaigns.

Preview the content

The benefit of personalized content is a better customer experience and higher conversion rates.To make sure you get the look and feel you want for each visitor we have added the option to "preview pages as target group" in Web publishing. 

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