Workflows and tasks

Workflows and tasks are meant to facilitate your daily product management. Workflows gives you an overview of your work and can be used to give you an overview over how your product data is doing. Create tasks to structure and distribute the work in your team.


A workflow is a collection of tasks, and the workflow is done when all tasks are done. Also, in the workflow tab of a product you can see the status of all workflows which gives you an idea of how well the product is enriched.


Tasks are used to distribute work. You specify what should be done in an instruction, and connect the task to products with a set of filter conditions.

For example, let's say you want colleague John to always make sure all of your products have images. You would create a task called "Add images" and add an instruction text "All products should have png images". You would add conditions that connects products to the task. In this case you could create a condition like "image field x has no value". This condition would connect all products with no image in field x to the task "Add images". 

Workflow status

When you work with your workflows and tasks, Litium has several views and tools to guide you. To get an overview of how your products are doing you can define workflows and check the status of them regularly.

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