Finding your products

Quick search for article number

In top left you can search for article numbers. Hit enter to go to the search result page. In the instantly shown search result you can go directly to a product by:

  • Using the keyboard arrows to move up or down and hit enter to go to a product.  
  • Clicking on a product.


Search page

The search page let's you search any field. Fill out search conditions for one or many fields, and use the "Add conditions" button to add more fields.


Search result page

The search result page shows you exactly the fields you have searched for, and you can refine your search by adding more conditions. You can also select which columns should be shown in the list and select whether to show the result as a list or with image thumbnails. 

To edit a product, select a row and click edit button or double click the row.


Product filter

The filter conditions button is used in many places. You can search and refine your search result, create smart lists and set up tasks using filter conditions.


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