Edit a person

Edit person

  1. Click "Customers" in the top menu.
  2. Select person and click “Edit” or double click the person row.

Read more about setting up persons

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General tab

Int his tab you'll find all basic personal data, including addresses.

Groups tab

This tab displays the groups which the selected person is assigned to.

Click the "Add" link to add the person to a group.

Organizations tab

Here you manage which organizations the person should belong to.

Click the "Add" link to add the person to an organization.

Roles tab

A person can be assigned a role for an organization. 

Litium login tab

This tab allows you to manage username, password and permissions.

Settings tab

In Settings tab you can change the field template.

On the Settings tab you can change the field template and delete and export personal data.

  • Click GDPR Delete to delete a person and all orders related to that person.
  • Click GDPR > Export to export all personal data to a JSON file that can be opened in a text editor or used in other systems.