Release notes

Version 6.0.0

Release date: 2018-02-12



25950 Mediamapper doesn't replace images


14388 Creating a foundationaccount with null as password throws no PasswordComplexityException
14919 Not all countrys in relation module
15230 Improvement- Change fileds shown on relation search result page
16953 Datetimefield in relations supports values only till December2099
20280 Fieldnames should not allow for trailing space
22950 Relations - LastLoginDate not updating
24925 Relations - posting a decimal field with wrong decimal divider


40736 Incorrect error message thrown from ECommerce StoredProcedures


24584 File upload allows multiple files although only one file is allowed
29061 Bug with permissions in Media Archive
29062 Visitors permission used in Media module
31308 Meta data on existing files i Media Archive

Breaking changes

The following changes have been made to the Abstractions libraries.

  • The class Litium.Products.FieldTemplateFieldGroupLocalization has been moved into the namespace Litium.FieldFramework.

  • The classes Litium.Security.DefaultServiceOperation, Litium.Security.GlobalizationOperations, Litium.Security.ModuleServiceOperation, Litium.Security.ProductsOperations and Litium.Security.WorkflowOperations have been removed as a result of the new security system.

  • The method HasOperation on Litium.Security.AuthorizationService now uses the Litium.Security.Operation type for the operation name. The string version can still be used as an extension method Litium.Security.AuthorizationService.

  • The properties Globalizations, Products and Workflows have been removed from Litium.Security.Operations. Use the Entity or Function property instead.

  • The properties IsAuthenticated and AuthenticationType have been removed from Litium.Auditing.AuditTransaction.

  • The method ReceiveAsync has been added to the classes Litium.ServiceBus.ServiceBusQueue and Litium.ServiceBus.ServiceBusTopic.

  • The Litium.Web.Administration.Filtering.FilterService has been changed to Litium.Web.Administration.Filtering.IFilterService<T> where T is the entity the filter service is used for.
    Use Litium.Web.Administration.Filtering.IFilterService<Litium.Products.BaseProduct> to create a filter service for the base product entity.

  • The properties EditorComponentName and SettingsCompoenentName have been added to Litium.Web.Administration.FieldFramework.IEditFieldTypeConverter. They are used to render the Angular views for edit and settings.

  • The implicit cast operator from Litium.Foundation.Modules.MediaArchive.Files.File and Litium.Foundation.Modules.MediaArchive.Files.FileVersion has been removed from the classes Litium.Web.Models.FileModel and Litium.Web.Models.ImageModel.