Release notes Litium Studio 4.6

This page contains all improvements and corrected bugs in Litium Studio 4.6 minor release. For Hotfix release notes associated to this version, please browse the left menu.


Litium Studio 4.6 contains lots of new functionality including a brand new campaign engine, possibility to create successive product filters, product sets to build alternative navigation, a dashboard with widgets that can be used to monitor site sales, visitors, news and much more.

Performance improvements have been done to many areas of the product enhancing the experience for both web visitors and back office users. Litium Studio 4.6 gives you a faster web that is more fun to work with.

Read more about the new features in Litium Studio 4.6!

Corrected bugs and improvements

13058 Media archive is the default module for clients who do not have license for E-Commerce
13248 Clicking on tabs (on the edit page) while they are disabled causes an error
14416 In Internet Explorer 7/8 some layout issues have appeared
10823 Add-ons cannot be added to custom modules
13039 A user with "Handle all content" and "Access to module" can see the "Search Indicies" node, but is redirected to the error page when clicking it
13800 If a module cannot init the module should be removed from the registered instance
14733 Removing current default language for user will break UI
15142 NullReferenceException if to trying to login with user belonging to group which has only "access to module" permissions
15632 Formatting information for currency
17035 Username for anonymous and system user should not be changeable
14993 In back office the log content is not formatted
15652 Customer specific help files has to be under the folder LitiumStudio/Help/Content
15336 Some web controls are using FoundationContext.Current.Language.ID for translation of texts

14916 Text align in table\td in ProductCatalog
15095 Editor begins with empty <p>-tags
13553 Product relations lost after 4.5 upgrade
13854 The upgrade program takes long time to clean up products
14340 Upgrading from 420 to 42b will throw exception in the upgrade program
14405 Upgrade tool causes error if application form has not been installed when upgrading from 4.2b
14689 Upgrade from 4.4 with a working copy of the startpage will not get correct url-name
15656 Exception when upgrading from 443 hotfix 5, when TemplateFile is null for a ProductCatalogTemplate

Web Publishing module
12999 Images that are created in the editor and are referring to other pages are not indexed
13007 The start page for the default English web site has no value for "Title", and the title field is a Long string
13133 Using web:pagerepeater to get unauthorized pages causes an error
13169 SearchField error when no search result page is pointed out
13385 Sometimes there is an error when handing over page responsibility
13550 External links are not working after upgrade to 4.5.1 (if the product group was published by a different cms page)
13669 web:UsePage problem if you don't have PageReadPermission to TopPage
13670 web:HasReadPermission with StructureLevel="1" returns True even if CurrentState.token does not have read permissions
13671 web:ChildRepeater does not sort using SortPropertyName
13678 Tasks will not use the created date parameter when creating new tasks but use current date from the database
14305 A web site cannot be created if the domain name was used for a deleted site
14353 You don't need to have permission to subpage to set permissions
14354 When creating a new web site the virtual path after the domain name is not set on startpage and the site is not browsable
14356 Path is not saved when creating a new website in back office
14362 Template.GetWorkingCopiesForTemplates method returns zero items
14414 System user is set as "Published by" when time publishing a page
14508 Search is case sensitive when searching for page responsible persons
14517 Unable to publish a saved working copy of the startpage
14519 Time unpublishing and archiving should show time as well as date
14520 Unable to create translation page from a page with subpages
14521 Unable to create shared pages for a page with subpages
14536 When creating a product group page, the language selected should be "same as web site"
14623 Popup windows from FCK-editor in LS 4.5.1 backoffice doesn't work in IE9
14685 Dynamic link PageID:ea3b263001c841768bdf10891b1617b4#CreateVariantGroup will not parsed in page
14692 Deleting a working copy will throw exception
14714 Separate stylesheets depending on website
14716 Incorrect validation of website domain name
14717 Search engines search for results in field named "EditorsComment" it's not a visible field for public pages
14718 Getting error when trying to save domain name in the Control Panel
14720 PageInfoCarrier.GetUrlToPage faulty if on other site in the same solution
14748 web:Childrepeater throws error if StartAtIndex exceeds available items
14770 Wrong link in info about excluding search robots from statstics
14896 PageNotFound current website for /xx/ domain
14943 Internal link values are not cleared when specified page is moved to trashcan
14950 Auto publish of multiple pages at the same time will only publish random pages
15090 Translations toolbar disappears if the master page of a shared page is translated
15105 Unpublished pages returns 204 error
15123 Cannot save a page without filling its mandatory fieds
15131 FindPages returns too many hits
15141 Working copy deleted when editing pages in back office
15353 Date time property selectors are rendered off screen in Firefox
15558 When deleting a page the page is still left in index
15721 4.5.1 Upgrade program discards template path
16861 Assortment language changing doesn't affect public site
16877 Validation error in edit page when adding a file (if property "file" is mandatory)
16944 Create translation page doesn't take own state, check box is unhecked after choosing page to translate
16957 PageType edit (CMS_PageType has limitations)
17023 Can't copy page from one website to another website(got error)
17091 Unable to delete Images from Image Property with array
17113 Cant insert link to uploaded file via Internal Link in editor
12824 Ajax search result window should resize automatically
13326 Right toolbar is not shown for a master page with translations
13343 After upgrade from 4.4.3 product group pages pointing to an unpublished group causes an error
13605 There is no scroll on status page (if there are many working copies)
14731 Can not edit several "Media archive folder" page properties when page type contains more than one property
14752 Icon missing from the browse /choose page dialog
14772 Drop down stuck when selecting language
14862 Subpages of shared pages item isn't available if one or more children are published
14974 Page permission - admin cannot edit page without read permission to parent page
14994 Search grids - edit buttons in search grid should be disabled if admin has not write permission to item
15225 Tree scrolls to top after page load - not to selected node
15500 Currency modal dialog has wrong text "New" for the "Add" button
15521 FieldTemplatePerson, FieldTemplateGroup, FieldTemplateOrganization, MediaArchiveFolder properties can be created as arrays in a page type but the web controls do not support arrays
15546 Master page with working copy has incorrect icon
16458 Image size is different when inserting link and inserting image from the media archive
16767 "New" menu in Web Publishing cannot be used in IE9 on second level
13033 Paging control does not work properly
13513 LinkChain web control try to create product links using the WebControlState.CMS.CurrentState.WebSiteID.
15061 Add possibility to extended GoogleAnalytics control to add own commands to the qap-chain
15132 m_currentCurrency is set to CurrentState.ShoppingCart.Currency in CMSSate CurrentCurrency property

Product Catalog module
12627 Change field from language dependent to language independent throws an sql error
12832 ArticlePropertyFieldsView is not used anymore, investigate and remove
12907 FilePropertyValue has parameters starting with MediaBank, change the start of the name to MediaArchive
13000 Copying a product group to the to the same parent (assortment) will throw an exception
13013 Error occurs when entering the module after deleting a language
13324 Package/Included articles title is not translated if switching to another language on the article view page
13428 Creating a warehouse without address throws exception "Could not rollback the transaction"
13496 Export/import of xml pricelist isn't working in Excel
13501 /LitiumStudio/ProductCatalog/ArticlePaste.aspx is missing url-suggestions
13540 Searching for article number will not get any variantgroups as hits
13619 Article Create Issue when importing articles (for article group)
13652 There is no title for the tab on All articles
13723 Error when exporting
13808 Incorrect translation in Swedish when changing an article template
14219 ProductGroupRepeater does not work correctly
14243 Price list exists throws a not exists exception
14317 The warehouse entity should have WarehouseAddress entity property instead of WarehouseAddressCarrier
14321 Article.GetArticles by article numbers method returns only the first value
14364 After product.SetPublished(or product.Set) product.PublishedByUserID is empty
14384 Incomplete top product groups can be published
14389 Error when importing product fields and templates
14642 Types Article, ProductSet, VariantGroup aren't serializable
14651 Removing article group with multiple levels of children groups throws exception
14722 Field export is not creating valid xml
14758 Search folder for cache is not cleaned up after rebuild is done
14759 Bad performance rebuilding big product indices
14760 Changing field definition will throw exception
14789 NullReferenceException occurred when trying to edit fields
14818 Product index is not updated with correct AssortmentID if the product group is moved between different assortments
14898 Image properties are not indexed
14982 Unable to sort variant group variants if the variant group has more than 25 variants
15210 Incorrect message when copying a template
15267 Insert from media archive gives error if no image is selected
15303 ProductCatalog field template import does not create relations
15331 Stockbalance cache is holding all items in a List and iterate to find correct items, need rebuild
15332 Creating article will check for existing article number, this check will aslo be in database
15350 Create product will take more and more time for every products that is added
15365 Product group url check will take time when having many product groups / products
15376 Pricelist edit/view need more information about how price restriction is calculated
15396 Deleting a product should say Delete Product
15498 Cannot import TemplateFields.xml
16000 Create Product relations via API
16052 Improve thumbnails of product images in grids
16093 PriceListArticle optimization when loading cache
16094 If culture type on the relation translation is more than 10 chars the xml-reader tries to read the string as Guid
16464 The Swedish help text is proceeded by an ugly string when creating article package
16480 When updating (changing) more than one image at a time on an article from the computer (browse), the other image gets deleted
16484 The value for the Type column in the search result is not translated into Swedish
16485 The title for the top article group is wrong in Swedish
16488 Sorting in article edit mode is not the same as in article view mode
16504 When using the same URL name as existing article and adding another language before saving the app crashes
16511 Cannot sort search result on Status column
16518 PageNotFound when clicking on the link to a file on view/edit product
16522 List of Relationsships in Product Catalog is not translated
16523 Ajax search does not find Article group
16801 Wrong icon for delete field template and relation type
16853 Count of using articles/product groups need to calculate variant group also
16919 Productcatalog fields import : Fields :Name and ImportFieldName haven't updated after import
16932 Can't delete variant groups with articles using clear installation of LitiumStudio (it will work when upgrading from lower than 4.5.1)
17031 Products with prices don't show their price if there is no E-commerce module license
14413 Article value in product catalog view pages should be translated into selected dropdown language
14487 Wrong styles for error messages when creating ProductGroup
14563 BO - incorect layout of text in the product group view page if there is display image.
14593 Buttons "save" and "back" disappear
14614 EditGeneral.aspx button "save" dissapears
14708 Buttons show and hide in a strange way
14713 Product Group image is not updated if uploaded from computer (cached in browser)
14751 Unable to edit article after "select all" checkbox has been clicked
14771 Incorrect selected item, when trying import values
14777 Improve text in back office for Product Export
14813 Incorrect warning when creating Product group
14844 Cannot paste article after search
15066 PriceList export button is not visible if the license does not contain "Export to print"
16462 Text "Lägg till" is not visible when creating article package
16527 Ajax search result: the entity type is in English when it should be in Swedish
16554 Product group properties are not shown as the article properties. Poperties can be grouped but not shown as groups. Changing the language drop down does not change the property values.
16776 Wrong layout of Insert image from Media Archive popup
16850 Wrong message when template can not be deleted
13571 Performance - assortment popup is loaded very slowly

E-commerce module
12072 When an order is in Init state not all payment methods are shown for editing
12889 Order row comments are removed from cart
12905 E-commerce web controls are not working inside true/false web controls
12912 API check is not there to guarantee that payment information amount total add up to order grand total
13002 The order of payment info fields should be the same at view payment page as view order page
13043 New order page fills out customer information from the logged in user
13079 When creating delivery copies the default e-mail address from Relations is fetched
13081 Some fields in the billing tab are not filled out automatically when creating an order in back office
13093 Bad layout when printing an order
13323 When an order is created in back office, order time becomes 12.00 in the current date
13647 Copying external orderid with padding will use underscore which is ignored by searchengines
13666 Adminstration view for orders and deliveries display faulty quantity of delivery rows
13741 At the order view page the text for Shipping price is incorrect
14403 Sorting doesn't work on the Order Rows' popup
14526 Remember the filter selection on create order and view order
14527 View delivery column lengths are not correct
14608 No option to choose variant when creating an order manually in backoffice
14619 Update and Remove buttons are enabled for free gift products
14804 In Order Total tab, when creating a new order from backoffice, shipping excl VAT label is wrong
14805 When creating an order in back office, shipping with VAT column is missing
14806 Creating a order in backoffice, Order Rows table should show prices formated with currency format
14861 Delivery cost should be able to be a constant value
14866 Transaction messages on Payment info object are not cleared when copying an order
15097 Add product to order row - only variants should show as a combo box
15290 Search support for additional order info, additional delivery info
15333 Removing one of two assigned groups from pricelists clears all
15386 OrderRowFactory.GetProductCatalogEntities should also pass WebSiteID to price calculator
15387 Adding orderrow will throw exception if user cannot fetch any price for the product
15414 Copy button becomes disabled in the View Order page
15695 <Ecom:OrderRowQuantityTextBox> and <ECom:RemoveButton> renders invalid HTML
16530 When languge id is Guid.Empty, order search returns results even when orders table in database is empty
16761 Add change website method to cart
16955 GetOrdersByIds is taking a comma delimited string as input parameter
13097 In the default report selectable campaigns should be filtered by currency
13139 Cannot remove products that have the give away campaign active from the shopping cart
13172 Campaign - discount 0.9 percent doesn't work
13119 Payment details page is not following the GUI requirements (field naming and order)
14710 List of countries is not consistent when adding a person to manually added order and in Relations module
15465 If variant group has only one variant: nothing is shown in "select article column"
15469 Design for dropdown when adding products to manually created order
16812 Error if sorting by total on payments view
14824 Cancelling operation for copied order don't remove the copy of the order
14863 Cannot update billing address info for an order in init state
16079 Create order in back office: the tab "Customer information" should come after the tab "General", before the tab "Order rows"
13063 All payment providers should only append to external message, should not overrite existing message
15346 Show the Transaction number in view payments page
15379 After cancelling order on payment provider it becomes ReserveFailed, Reserving again creates a new
14845 Delivery VAT percentage control renders incorrectly formatted value

Relations module
12311 Roles are not removable
12879 E-mail validation error
12898 Unable to delete a person's picture in relations
13317 Editing groups throw a "Thread was being aborted" exception
13353 Litium.Foundation.Modules.Relations.Fields.Field.Update first deletes the field and then recreates it but in different transactions causing different field owners updated events
13356 CreatePerson returns an incomplete Person object
13739 Litium.Foundation.Modules.Relations.WebControls.ValueExists.cs does not work
13809 Error for groups when using advanced search
13811 Improvement for navigating in Relations (after filtering by letter alphabetical sorting have to be used)
14097 The alphabetic list filter does not work for the letter A
14365 Search will not work if only a range is specified in Relations
14607 Template is applied without pressing Save button
14610 Filtering by # doesn't work on groups
14611 Not possible to edit organizations on advanced search page
14882 Group shows incorrect number of persons
15080 Delivery and billing address information of persons/organizations are not indexed for search in Relations module
15199 Creating a person from carrier without setting ID property carrier tries to save values with guid.empty
15200 Creating field without setting ID, Guid.Empty is used as ValueID
15216 UpdateFromCarrier is not setting correct person/organization/group-id on the custom fields
15217 Person/Group/Organizations custom fields that are removed from carriers CustomField-array are not deleted from database
16525 Organziations and groups are not saved when moving back and forward creating a person
16774 When deleting roles in the control panel, no warrning etc. about the role is in use
17064 Can't set custom fields values using API on organizations in Relations
13246 Creating alternatives for datetime field without value causes an error
13337 After setting old templates created before upgrade, tabs are disabled
14601 Old data appears when creating a new person
14603 Sometimes the toolbar is disabled on the person view
14606 Check for required field when you try go to Persons.aspx
14721 Right click on organizations will not show the context menu
14892 Deleting organization doesn't update right part of the window
15222 Browser's print function does not print all information for List of Persons and Persons view
16753 When deleteing an organization the dialog is misguiding
16771 Create new organization guide: customer number is lost when going back one step in the guide
15413 If you have many organizations, editing the view of a person takes long time to load and post back
14872 Image field is shown when its visibility is set to hidden

Media Archive module
12839 Preview (step2) doesn't work when uploading small images into MediaArchive
13135 Clearing an image from the list displays an empty list
13486 Cannot use multiple upload in media archive over https
14115 Enable usage of 64 bit ghost script
14117 Error going to the media archive or selecting files for users with media archive module permissions
14602 After cancelling editing one file it is not possible to edit another from the same folder
14728 When dragging an image to the closed category node. a javascript error occurs
14865 Delete file, check functionality does not work
14891 ImageVersion isn't serializable
15270 Improvements for Delete function in Media archive. It should present better information
15384 Unable to sort the /LitiumStudio/MediaArchive/Start.aspx grid
16375 You can continue in the add file wizard even though you have removed the file to upload
16533 Upload file - error message remains even though a file has been selected
16535 Wrong validation message when deleting category
16538 Edit category page has wrong toolbar buttons
16540 Replace icon in listing files from a category
16543 Toolbar buttons active even when user does not have permissions
13662 When selecting file-row in the grid and press show or edit an exception is thrown
14600 Deleting from category does not work (functionality incomplete)
14709 Creating top first category from the menu does not work
14754 Validation problem when user creates folder
14755 Validation message isn't shown when adding new category
14756 Can't create category through context menu
16950 Drag and drop folder from Media Archive into Grid in right causes server error
16967 Edit category page : Check/uncheck doesn't work correctly

Newsletter module
13755 Problem sending Test e-mail if there are no write permissions to pick up folder
14843 Newsletter web control throws English message in Swedish website
16463 Wrong text while creating an address list
13099 NewsletterSubscriptionField is inherited from an obsolete class

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