Release Notes Litium Studio 4.6.2 Hotfix 12 (Recommended) - NOTE! THIS HOTFIX INCLUDES BREAKING CHANGES

All Hotfixes are cumulative, meaning that the latest Hotfix on a version contains all prior Hotfixes. This means you do not need to apply any Hotfixes released prior to the version release. A Hotfix is not a complete release, it only contains the files needed to adress the included fixes.

Hotfixes should not normally result in any breaking changes, therefore Add-ons and Supporting Modules should not need to be recompiled or modified. Applying a Hotfix should not result in any modifications to the customer's solution. However, if there is a breaking change with a hotfix this is notified in Developer notes in the Relese notes.

Release date: 2014-03-07

Improvements and fixes

26623 Cache performance problem with locking

Product Catalog
26659 Price list agent performance

E-commerce module
26494 Shopping cart persistence performance

Media Archive module
26625 Can't find folders/files based on recursive folder id

Developer notes / breaking changes

1. In the same request as login is executed, Server.Transfer* is not allowed. Use Response.Redirect instead to redirect the user to the correct page. The reason is that the identity set for a user, after login has succeeded, is not transferred to the newly created thread the Server.Transfer* is executed in.

2. In the productCatalog node in the web.config:
If sliding and absolute time are empty the application will load and contain all entities in memory for the product catalog. This will have impact on memory usage if there are a lot of products.
<productCatalog cacheSlidingTimeInSeconds="" cacheAbsoluteTimeInSeconds=""

3. The TagNames.ProductGroupId tag has previously been used for the product group id itself which is not correct. If the product group id should be searchable the FieldNames.Identifier tag should be used.

4. The property Index in File entity (file.Index) is now depricated and no longer used. The property contains the index (order) for the file in the folder it belongs to. Also methods in the FileCollection (for example: folder.Files.GetFile) no longer work when using index as parameter.

5. The ShoppingCartItems on the ModuleECommerce are now deprecated and no longer used. How the shopping cart is fetched and stored is rebuilt due to performance optimization and the old methods are removed. The shopping cart is automatically ´┐╝stored when the methods in the cart for adding or updating items in the cart are used.

Information to customers that have upgraded to 4.6.2:

In Litium Studio 462, the way billing and delivery addresses for Organizations are stored in the database changed. The Relations_Address table is no longer used, and the existing values in this table were imported to the new structure by the upgrade programme.

During upgrade the following occurred:

  •     All Countries in Organization delivery addresses were changed into “Sweden”
  •     Values in E-mail and Mobile fields were saved in the database but are no longer visible in back office

If you want to correct the Organization “Country” and/or create new fields for E-mail and Mobile and import data from the database we have created a page for you with three options. Read more and get the link to the page in the Installation instructions included in the Hotfix 4 package.

About PDF indexing

If you want to continue using Adobe PDF iFilter after applying this hotfix.

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