Release Notes Litium Studio 4.6.1 Hotfix 6

All Hotfixes are cumulative, meaning that the latest Hotfix on a version contains all prior Hotfixes. This means you do not need to apply any Hotfixes released prior to the version release. A Hotfix is not a complete release, it only contains the files needed to adress the included fixes.

Hotfixes are not allowed to result in any breaking changes, therefore Add-ons and Supporting Modules do not need to be recompiled or modified. Applying a Hotfix should not result in any modifications to the customer's solution.

Release date: 2012-10-01

Improvements and fixes

Product Catalog module

20406 Article import requires url aliases that are well formed and unique
22201 Problem with commas as decimal divider using XML import

E-commerce module

22228 The Klarna invoice link is not visible on View Payment
22250 Incorrect references in PaymentInfoRows after OrderFactory.CreateCopy method
22274 When creating an order in back office, the delivery amount is not possible to update

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