Release Notes Litium Studio 4.5.1 Hotfix 2

This is a cumulative hotfix that includes fixes for critical bugs discovered since version 4.5.1 including those in Hotfix 1.

Release date: 2011-02-03


Product Catalog module

13589 Search help function in the product catalog
13614 Allow configuration of Fuzzy Similarity level in the Web.Config



13552 If Lucene.Net search crashes, the IIS is restarted due to an uncatchable error inside Lucene.Net
13597 Missing lock in GetUsersSearchPermissions will cause the site to crash when restarted and accessed by multiple anonymous users
13615 The Foundation log uses up to much memory when loading all entries in back office
13621 The application is not releasing all memory and using up the allocated memory on the server

E-commerce module

13560 If the customer is at an external payment provider's site and another customer logs out, the shopping cart is cleared. In some solutions this causes the order confirmation page to crash
13574 UserLoggedOut event throws null reference exception when the UserLoggedOut event is occurring
13587 Synchronize payments with Payex is not working if status is InitiatedReserve
13622 Kreditor - individual row totals are incorrect when buying multiple products

Product Catalog module

13544 Boost ArticleNumber/Name in back office search results
13554 After upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5, if the variant group contains more than three variants, some will be missing urls
13558 During upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5, the url history for product groups is not created correctly
13565 Showing all articles in a pricelist will display VAT and price with VAT as zero, in back office. The price is displayed correctly at the public site.
13576 Search will not result in any hits when using words in the phrase that is in the stop word list
13607 Product relations have links to old products and product groups

Media Archive module

13638 SQL timeout when trying to update file from carrier, when carrier has metadata fields.

Developer notes

Lucene.NET upgrade

Regarding a bug in the Lucene.NET. We have upgraded to a later version of Lucene.NET and Litium.Framework.Search .
This will not affect a standard site. However, if you have built your own components (assemblies) in your project and have a reference to any of these dll:s, you need to update. You will find the new version in the Deploy\Bin folder of the installation package.

Fuzzy Search Similarity settings

In the Web.Config file you can now specify the degree of “fuzziness” of a fuzzy search query by editing the backOfficeFuzzySearchSimilarity and publicSiteFuzzySearchSimilarity.

<search enableChangeTracking="true"




publicSiteFuzzySearchSimilarity="0.8" />

The similarity is a value between 0 and 1 (the lower the value, the more fuzziness) with the default setting 0.8. Read more about similarity formulas and get code samples.

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