Upgrading the Litium platform

The steps for upgrading the platform are the same for all types of releases, major, minor and service releases.

1. Convert your solution to NuGet

If you are running Litium Studio 4.x make sure that you have converted your solution to use Litium NuGet packages. If not, convert to NuGet now.

2. Update the packages

  1. Open the Manage NuGet packages for Solution on the Tools > NuGet Package Manager menu.
  2. Go to the Update tab and check the Include prerelease checkbox to include any pre-release version. Leave it unchecked to only view fully released versions.
  3. Search for "Litium".
  4. Select all and click Update.

Or you can execute the following command in Package Manager Console.


Invoke-Command -ScriptBlock ([scriptblock]::Create($(Invoke-RestMethod 'https://nuget.litium.com/tools/upgrade-litium.ps1'))) -ArgumentList "[NameOfThePackageVersion]"

Note! This is not working with PackageReference-projects.

3. Update the database

The database is updated with SQL scripts. 


The package contains an update script to upgrade the current configurated database for the Litium installation.

  1. Open the Package Manager Console from the Tools > NuGet Package Manager menu.
  2. Select the web application project as the default project.
  3. Execute the following command.

The script will print the path for the scripts if they are needed for any other database.


The SQL script is bundled inside the Litium.Setup.Core package. You will find it in the Packages folder next to the solution file.

Execute the following script:

  1. Tools\Upgrade_PreRequires.sql - check the minimum requirements of the database.
  2. Tools\UpgradeToLatest.sql - upgrade script.
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