Google Shopping

This page describes the configuration setup for connecting a website products to Google Merchant Center.

For documentation on how to connect your site to Google Merchant Center go to

Required fields

  • Id = Article number (connected automatically)
  • Title = Product name (connected automatically)
  • Description = Product description (connected automatically)
  • Link = Product Url (connected automatically)
  • Image link = Products main image (first in array) link (connected automatically)
  • Item group id = Article number of base-product (connected automatically)
  • Availability = InStockQuantity (connected automatically)
  • Price = Variant price (connected automatically)
  • Adult (set manually)
  • Brand (set manually)
  • Condition (set manually)
  • GTIN (set manually)
  • MPN (set manually, required if GTIN does not exist)

Optional fields (not valid for all countries)

  • Google product category (set manually)
  • Additional image links = Rest images of product if exists (connected automatically)
  • Tax (connected automatically)
  • Tax country (connected automatically)
  • Age group (set manually)
  • Color (set manually)
  • Gender (set manually)
  • Is bundle (set manually)
  • Material (set manually)
  • Multipack (set manually)
  • Pattern (set manually)
  • Promotion id (set manually)
  • Size (set manually)
  • Size system (set manually)
  • Size type (set manually)

Read here for more information about the fields.

Google specific supported fields

  • Google product category [fieldtype = TextOption] (optional)
    • Google's own product category library (fetched automatically on save)
  • Adult [fieldtype = boolean] (required)
    • Yes
    • No
  • Age group [fieldtype = TextOption] (required for certain countries)
    • Newborn
    • Infant
    • Toddler
    • Kids
    • Adult
  • Availability [fieldtype = TextOption] (required)
    • In stock
    • Out of stock
    • Preorder
  • Condition [fieldtype = TextOption] (required)
    • New
    • Refurbished
    • Used
  • Gender [fieldtype = TextOption] (apparel products only) (required for certain countries)
    • Male
    • Female
    • Unisex
  • Is bundle [fieldtype = Boolean] (required for certain countries)
    • Yes
    • No
  • Size system [fieldtype = TextOption] (apparel products only) (optional)
    • US
    • UK
    • EU
    • DE
    • FR
    • JP
    • CN
    • IT
    • BR
    • MEX
    • AU
  • Size type (apparel products only) [fieldtype = TextOption] (optional)
    • Regular
    • Petite
    • Plus
    • Big and tall
    • Maternity

Mapping product fields to Google Shopping fields

If you have a newer version of the accelerator, a lot of the required fields and Google Shopping specific fields are already installed in the environment. In other cases, you need to create the Google Shopping specific fields that do not exist, and any optional fields if you want them to be fetched by Google.

  1. The Enable price agent files checkbox should be selected for the website.
  2. Go to back office Settings > Products > Fields for creating the necessary fields. Make sure you create options on TextOption fields according to Google's specifications of supported values.
  3. Go to Products > Google Shoppping for mapping the product fields to Google Shopping fields.
  4. When you have mapped the fields together clicking Save will fetch the Google Product Category library to your chosen TextOption field into Options.
  5. You can set the Google Product Category field for each product/variant. If you don’t set it on variants, the application tries to fetch it from the base product.
  6. For checking the outcome, type this in your browser address bar: http://<yourWebsiteUrl>/priceagent.axd/Googleshopping. If everything is correctly set up you should see an XML page with all products included.
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