Accelerator release notes

Version 7.7.2

Release date: 2021-11-11


54896 Category SEO text is overriding category name
55262 ApplyProductListSorting is not working. It is the same issue for Elastic search
55887 Using deprecated node-sass that not is compatible with latest node version
55928 Quick search on product list pages only finds products in the product list
56257 Images not available when sharing links online
56526 Product documents with random case article numbers are not deleted
57290 KlarnaPaymentController is potentially vulnerable to Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
57291 Potential Open Redirect vulnerability in KlarnaPaymentController and LoginController
57671 Brand list page is not showing correct counts
57865 Incorrect Swedish translation for City on checkout page

Version 7.7.1

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2021-06-15

Version 7.7.0

Release date: 2021-05-25


50496 Product view must show recommended products from any category
52978 Can not resolve Error page on Klarna validation when using prefix on channel
53745 Accelerator setup ignoring translations for product field groups
54352 AddressUpdate return to Klarna is not serialized correctly
55229 Login information not included in Welcome mail

Version 7.6.2

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2021-03-24

Version 7.5.2

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2021-01-04

Version 7.6.1

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2021-01-04

Version 7.5.1

Release date: 2020-12-22


52607 Long running requests blocking when using distributed lock
52710 Website strings for the error messages are built for every request
52715 The validation rule ProductPricesHasNotChanged are fetching the language for each variant
52717 Elasticsearch index is listening on InventoryItem events, inventory item is not indexed
52718 MailService cant connect to mailserver on non-standard smtp-port
52720 Elasticsearch are listening on the PriceListItem events and fetching the variant to get the base product system id

Version 7.6.0

Release date: 2020-12-22


48454 Navigation history does not work properly for Landing Pages
48730 User sees "Welcome email" and "Order Confirmation" if the user clicks on the "terms" link"
48731 System pages are visible in the search
48739 Reorder message is not visible
48960 Use WebsiteModel.GetValue instead of WebsiteModel.Fields.GetValue
49356 In L7, almost nothing is visible in preview area for multilanguage editor fields
49819 Support adding websites text in Search suggestion dropdown in public site
49926 SetSelectedPages removed from NavigationViewModelBuilder
50004 Elasticsearch should not return any result when executing only aggregations
50192 Missing style for selected breadcrumb menu on the public site
50428 Editor in MegaMenu not multi language
50755 Brand page does not show products when a brand has different values in translations and channel has different languages
50763 Elasticsearch stores option value instead of translation in IndexDocument (Tags and Content)
50792 Elasticsearch-> Quick Search and search does not search category when Channel has different languages
50822 Brand list page must use "Language for pages and blocks" setting when showing brands.
50853 Quick Search does not search pages if channel has different languages
50861 Quicksearch shows brand id for products instead of translation
51158 Try to apply distributed lock when updating delivery during partial payment flow

Version 7.5.0

Release date: 2020-11-11


48681 Misspelled constant accelerator
48729 Missed translattion "checkout.customerinfo.showAlternativeAddress" on the checkout page
49741 Accelerator is missing default settings for PIM permissions
49818 UL-lists in editors does not display bullets on public site
49877 Showing of product when filtering is not working correctly for productbase url on elastic search environment
49897 In some product filters in the accelerator you always get the first variant as a filter result regardless of which filter you activated
50001 Elasticsearch should not return all source fields in the result
50146 Categories without needed permissions are shown in search result due to incorrect work of FilterAggregator
50481 Subnavigation bug: CurrentCulture name instead of CurrentUICulture
50814 Elasticsearch-> Quick Search shows result for a brand in two sections "Pages" and "Brands""
51026 Bracket in Setting>Accelerator tree item
51277 On elastic search environment it does not search product by its brand
51301 ElasticSearch cannot search for product ID
51360 Error when decorating TargetGroupEngine
51445 Accelerator is not sorting on user accessible price lists when price filter is missing
51888 Font folder include limitation exludes all fonts in node_modules
52037 Elasticsearch only returns 10 facets
52208 Introductions are not shown for News Pages, if the News List does not have a value for Introduction
52241 Popular sorting are adding products without results in top
52302 Most sold products are not persisted during application restarts for search index
52313 Campaign prices are not persisted during application restarts for search index

Version 7.1.1

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2020-05-15

Version 7.2.5

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2020-05-15

Version 7.3.4

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2020-05-15

Version 7.4.2

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2020-04-06

Version 7.4.1

Release date: 2020-04-01


48406 Deleting a product field will not remove it as a website filter and prevents new filters
48754 It is possible to set negative count of products on the checkout page
48876 News list page: The left menu displays unpublished pages
48977 Error exception if the user installs new accelerator package without sample data
49001 Price filtering not working in Elasticsearch
49036 News page renders news items in different orders in left menu and in list
49119 SubNavigationViewModelBuilder is not working to show news link, when elasticsearch is configured to only search engine
49120 BrandListViewModelBuilder is not working to show brand nodes. It should be fetched when elasticsearch is configured to only search engine
49169 Switching to another language for view of editor field, is causing it to be smaller and smaller

Version 7.3.3

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2020-04-01

Version 7.4.0

Release date: 2020-01-29


44298 When something in cartview break it is not possible to access the website.
45573 Get the "ArgumentNullException" error when calling GetMostSoldProducts method, productGroupIds parameter can not be null in the ProductServiceImpl.GetMostSoldProducts
45578 Products images does not have the same sizes on the public site, layout
46019 In Litium 7 - website - Megamenu - Colum header - not Multi language
47893 Accelerator selected organization does not work after first placed order
47936 Acclerator does not filter categories, that are not published in the channel, in search
47981 Accelerator should use the country that is set on the cart
48005 Merchant cant approve an order for a B2B customer
48019 PaymentWidgetService using Klarna-specifick lock
48346 The total price does not update when changing delivery method
48635 Search pages return 0 results if there is an unknown query parameter
49299 The title for products in accelerator is not using the SEO title field

Version 7.3.2

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2020-01-10

Version 7.3.1

Release date: 2019-12-18


47998 Sass-loader will not build with node versions higher than 10
48007 After signing up, logged in user cannot place the next order, due to alternative address validation

Version 7.3.0

Release date: 2019-11-06


45968 Count for filter items, they should not be visible for "News"
46022 The cart doesn't update on PreOrderValidationException from ProductPricesHasNotChanged rule
46062 Unpublished category is rendered in mega menu
46166 PageSearchServiceImpl uses CurrentCulture to get the name of the pages.
46310 No link to navigate to product (sub) category on mobile
46344 CheckoutState, OrderUtilities and PersonStorage should not be static classes
46346 Use IMemeoryCache instead of RuntimeCache
46347 Use nameof() instead of magic strings for controller setup
46349 ProductFieldViewModel have references to legacy PIM that not is used
46395 Error on public site product pages, if the user deletes the country that was selected.
46491 The quantity of products has not been updated if it has not enough for order
46776 Klarna Checkout v3 throws NRE exception during checkout
46780 MailServiceImpl.SendMail does not log full exception
46786 Faceted Filter is not working with special characters
46814 Public site: Number of products in Brand pages is incorrect if products are published in another channel
46823 Wrong price is shown on checkout if there are two pricelists, and for one of them there is Visitor group setting
46824 Sub pages who are not active for the channel is still visible in the left menu
46929 Missing headlines for addresses in checkout
46932 Accelerator deploys with set ChannelSystemId for PointerPageItem-settings on Website
47083 Broken cache propagation in Accelerator CategoryFilterService
47244 BrandList page is listing brand pages that are not active on the channel
47773 Accelerator definition setup crash application start if field in field definition code is create manually in litium

Version 7.2.4

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2019-10-07

Version 7.2.3

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2019-06-17

Version 7.2.2

Compatibility release for Litium Release date: 2019-05-28

Version 7.2.1

Release date: 2019-05-27


45777 Applying campaign when using payment widget is not refreshing the widget

Version 7.2.0

Release date: 2019-05-03


44871 Eliminate window.__litium.reduxActions and
45020 Klarna Checkout v2 in Accelerator 7


44395 Need to show notification when reorder, approve or cancel order on public site accelerator
44660 ViewOrder page shows person's customer number, instead of company's customer number for the b2b scenario
44912 Price is displayed and wrong currency symbol
44956 Wrong B2B Order information
44958 No feed back after pressing confirm in checkout
44959 Enter after selecting hit i quicksearch doen't load product page
44960 Search result page filter not working if searching by product name with special characters
44965 Swedish translation on my page
44971 Multiple channels on the same domain name will share shopping cart information
45004 Reloading receipt page results in empty recipt
45025 Categories not published in channel still displayed in mobie view
45026 Issues with quick search
45034 Categories navigation should not use the field ShowInMenu
45057 Got the error on my pages if user create b2b order in BO
45058 Orderconfirmation page not working if pointer is not to specific channel
45083 Loginpage doesn't redirect to current page
45087 Can't add product to cart if it has no image
45092 New menu item didn't show up in top menu
45108 Is in stock not working
45115 Can not use filter in category based url
45142 Best price used. Not best price for selected organisation
45147 Some lines of code missing from Accelerator DeliveryStateBuilder
45154 ImageAlternativeTextMultiField, ShowInMenu, OriginalParentFile fields shouldn't exist in an empy Litium DB
45163 It is hard to check/uncheck "Create a set of example products.. " checkbox (accelerator deploy page)
45169 Styling and UI look, translations for the out of stock notification on checkout
45282 Klarna total price not updated when changing deliverymethod
45291 Quantity textbox not working as expected
45306 Translations missing in swedish for all pages in accelerator
45323 Checkout validation when order more that in stock
45370 Object disposed exception / There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command
45373 Ensure structured data that is generated in html is correct
45406 Accelerator missing translation validation.checkrequired
45415 Naming for the My pages - Persons tab for B2B
45425 Wrong name on payment method and delivery method in checkout
45504 Commerce tracking scripts are never loaded in Accelerator body start/end.
45506 Accelerator contains wrong additional payment options
45507 User with Order Placer role should not see or create users for the organization
45508 Error on public site if Login page does not have url in the language for the channel/site
48566 Wrong orderconfirmpageurl when using many channels

Version 7.1.0

Release date: 2019-01-31


42311 Changing a field required by Accelerator fails the deploy
43206 Take away outer rectangle on forgot password page
43207 Products listings on public site should render only products that are connected through assortment to the market/site
43238 Accelerator public Select organization - add spaces between texts, dropdown and button
43266 Accelerator public site - In filter items add 0 amount if it is so
43336 Style for mega menu if using ck-editor field with link in it
43441 FF, MS Edge, Safari: added person on BO didn't display on public site in my pages / person tab
43466 Search redirect to wrong channel
43490 styling for the pagination for products search results
43718 Delivery address: Enter address to customer information but this address didn't show in order detail
43930 Items on checkout page should be centered if screen has 19"
43989 General error when user places order after using already existed email on checkout
43996 Delivery cost, payment cost is incorrect if user reloads checkout page
43998 Campaign: New price didn't show on product list if condition is User belong to User group / Organization
44002 IE11: Product is over the banner in Product & banner block on accelerator start page
44003 Should disable "Place order" button if checkout mode is company and user has not logged in
44010 Careof and phone number are not updated when user creates an order
44021 Klarna checkout: Cannot get klarna checkout widget if payment method only use Klarna
44050 Show product button doesn't work on accelerator public site
44065 Deployment screen - bad english for showing an error message that entity name already exists
44085 It is not possible to view or add to cart product if only some variants from it are published on current channel/site
44139 Check box" Show only my order" didn't work
44140 Phone number is cleared if user updates address in My pages/ My details
44141 Care of is not added if place order and register new account
44142 Alternative address is not created if user already exists but has no address
44151 Order comment/message isn't added to the order
44152 Brand page detail: add left margin for page header & category filter
44157 After upgrade Litium 7 beta to RTM the fields cant be added because of _options field
44168 Invalid checkbox style in Accelerator deployment page
44191 Category landing page still displayed on public sites even though landing page was unpublished
44214 Miss source map in webpack
44227 Add space between private & business customer on checkout page
44245 Error if place order by DIBS / Payex
44246 Return 404 page if user place order using Klanar Checkout / Cash on delivery
44250 Addresses on checkout page for logged in user show the previous address used by anonymous
44280 FF and Chrome- B2B login page if few organizations - UI for select organization dropdown
44281 if there is no link to forgot password page but setting is to show it the login page will throw an error
44322 UI - My pages/Order history/Order detail page has broken line
44377 Open b2b order detail from order history tab, person address displayed instead of company address
44379 All pre order validations are missing on accelerator checkout
44445 Campaign code text box is missing at the checkout
44501 Translations customer module
44522 Product category filter i left menu display category not in channel
44564 B2b checkout: Should show name of organization on the check out page and order confirmation
44637 Checkout B2B - Country code is showing instead of Country name in the company address
44638 Not possible to sort filter fields
44666 Accelerator field not included as embedded resource in debug-configuration
44696 Error on public site if open product detail with product template "Product with variants shown in a list"
44826 Accelerator similar product list shows variants that not published in current channel/site
44830 Order created by order approver is in waiting confirmation state
44861 Order confirmation email is missing the order details
44863 Newslist error when previewing in channel if one of child news items is not published in that channel
44864 Using menu link with multiple channels is confusing
44874 Error for second address field when editing address on my pages - addresses
44913 Website fields for mypage, checkout... doesnt work if you have multiple channels

Version 7.0.2

Release date: 2019-01-10


44716 SEO-settings is not reflected on the website

Version 7.0.1

Release date: 2018-12-21


44199 Quick search: Suggestion list didn't display if the header of website is 2 rows mode
44224 FooterText2 and Text3 not working in Accelerator
44262 Creating link from SearchQuery will lookup the base page multiple times.
44292 Duplicate page only suggests new url for one language
44295 Sorting for the main menu links is not applied on public site
44304 Accelerator not show menu link on public site directly after they are created
44343 Missing texts in accelerator
44414 Wrong currency symbol in default accelerator site
44416 Incorrect naming in Accelerator code for BlockContainer
44433 Klarna Checkout broken if "URL prefix" is used
44439 Compact facets should not be displayed in desktop mode
44440 Missing translations for compact facet navigation
44481 Landing pages in trashcan are used by the category display template
44482 Duplicated pages with blocks can not be deleted from trashcan.
44483 Blocks are shared between the origianl and the copy when you duplicate a page.
44484 Blocks do not show LinkText field on public site
44485 Main menu link page with page selected does not show the subpages on the mega menu.
44486 Slider block is not working when it is in a landing page
44507 During checkout the order has to be created in Reserved state, not Charge
44520 GA tracking not working with Klarna Checkout V2 if callback processed first
44532 Accelerator public site - sometimes in filter there is one more item for the price, that does not work
44534 Quicksearch in header not working iif using two-rows navigation for header
44535 Product filter apply filter button text
44544 Pricefilter is not displayed if using Category based navigation for site
44865 Accelerator missing translation

Version 7.0.0

Release date: 2018-10-24


42465 Remove studio from log file name
42590 Using View overload with layout Littum still try to set the layout
43348 Error on public site checkout after removing a product connected to a campaign code
43364 Item removing from shopping cart not working properly
43392 Unclear controller naming
43393 Cannot browse public site on localhost
43398 Accelerator checkout page - Campaign free gift, free gift is still there even though the condition variant is no longer
43464 Missing nullcheck in NavigationViewModelBuilder
43472 Tax class display as empty guid
43603 Code cleanup
43605 Product grouping is not working - gives 404 error when seleting a grouping option
43723 Add block triggers exception
43933 Accelerator deploy doesn't show any process indicator
43934 Accelerator deployment crash if accelerator name contains space
43935 Accelerator deployment crash with error duplicate key exception
43936 FormatException for images with min or max size -1
43938 Error if page in channel but parent page not in channel
43939 Error when viewing order confirmation i backoffice
43940 Error when viewing my pages in backoffice
43977 Options display "object object" when editing countries
44006 Litium 7 Accelerator checkout template missing name and url
44008 Order page error in backoffice