Setting up Google Analytics

Litium has built in support for Google Analytics.


To setup Google Analytics you need a Google Analytics account.

  1. Go to Settings > Sites > Web sites and texts. Select the web site you want to analyse and edit it. Add your Google Analytics account id and click Save.

  2. Include the web control in each framework (.master file) that the website uses. Make sure to include the web control above the end form tag:
         <Web:GoogleAnalyticsScript runat="server" LogInAdministrationMode="false" />
  3. Only page types that can be in visit statistics will be handled by Google Analytics.


There are some addtional steps if you would like to use Google Analytics for your ECommece website and analyse conversion rate etc.

  1. You need to include a specific web control at the last check out step (Order Receipt) to track that the order is completed.
    <ECom:GoogleAnalyticsScript runat="server" />
    This web control should be placed inside a web control that implements IOrderCarrierIntroducer. Normally the last step on the checkout page will either implement the IOrderCarrierIntroducer to show the order carrier, or use the Ecom:OrderRepeater web control with a databinding to the order that was just completed. The following is an example of how to make the order receipt page.
  2. Make sure that the .master page of the order receipt page contains the Web:GoogleAnalyticsScript web control.
  3. Read more about ECommerce and Google Analytics.
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