Stock balance calculation

This section describes the stock balance calculation and how to change the implementation to fetch information from third party system.

The stock balance is calculated from the inventory that exists in Litium. Each variant can have an inventory item in each inventory. The inventory item contains information about the specific variant's in stock quantity, unit of measurement, inventory date and time; more properties exists.

Unit of measurement is used to define the quantity the inventory item exists in; example:

  • 1 pieces
  • 10 pieces
  • 100 pieces

Note: Litium will only handle one unit of measurement for each variant.

Stock baclance calculator

Stock balance calculator is responsible to calculate and return the current aviable stock balance. The stock balance calculator is used from all places where the stock balance is needed.

Custom stock balance calculator

To implement an custom stock balance calculator an implementation of Litium.Products.StockStatusCalculator.IStockStatusCalculator is needed.

Stock status message service

Stock status message service is responsible to fill the StockStatusCalculatorResult.Description with messagefor the stock status, example in stock or out of stock.

Custom stock status massages

To implement an custom stock status message service an implementation of Litium.Products.StockStatusCalculator.IStockStatusMessageService is needed.

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