Litium and ASP.NET MVC

This section will describe the concept of using ASP.NET MVC controllers to render the view for the visitor.


The changes between standard ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET MVC with Litium is minimal. The biggest change is how Litium will handle the incoming url. Standard ASP.NET MVC will have a route registered for the controller, when using Litium you got the hierarchic url to reflect the page structure in the site together with the product structure.

In standard ASP.NET MVC the delimiter slash (/) is used between the controller and action name or parameters, when using ASP.NET MVC in Litium the first delimiter is changed to a dot (.). The reason is that the url parser needs to know where the url is ending and where the action (or parameter) is starting.

Culture and language information

The culture and language information for the requested page is already set in the request parsing. To access the current culture or the current UI culture the System.Globalization.CultureInfo is used and the static parameters CurrentCulture is set to the language that is set for the assortment and CurrentUICulture is set for the web site culture.

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