Upgrade to Litium 5

How to upgrade to Litium 5? How to migrate products into the new domain model of Litium 5? Most questions are answered below.

Learn what is new

Litium 5 is a major version and we made some larger structural changes. For a succesful upgrade to Litium 5, it is recommended to learn more on:

Upgrade the Litium platform

Upgrading the database

Before taking any further steps, make sure you have a back up of your database and other files. Also make sure you have taken all precautions necessary to be able to roll back the upgrading procedure.

Use the upgrade scripts to upgrade from version 4.8 to Litium 5. If your project is not on 4.8, you need to upgrade to latest 4.8.

Upgrade your solution

Web controls

All Litium web controls have been updated to run against the Litium 5 API, so in most cases it is enough to replace the old web controls in your project with the new ones delivered in Litium 5. 

New Litium 5 API for products

In Litium 5 a new API is introduced. The new API covers the Products area (formerly known as the Product catalog module). The rest of the platform uses the same API as in 4.8.

Any code written in the project that handles the entities in this area needs to be overlooked and adjusted to work with the new API. Examples of entities in this area are products, categories, assortments, product lists, price lists and warehouses.

Learn more about the new API.

Field framework

In Litium 5 the field framework for products and categories has been rewritten. For the rest of the platform it has been untouched. 

One of the features of the new field framework is the possibility for projects to define their own project specific field types. This possibility replaces the extension feature of 4.8 to create entity panels.

Set up your own custom field types  

Entity panels and module panels

Entity panels written for entities in the Products area (formerly known as the Product catalog module) does not work in the new Litium 5 GUI. Instead, we advice to define your custom field types to handle this. 

Module panels defined in 4.8 will still work in Litium 5.

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