Website settings

Website Settings page (Webbplatsinställningar)

There are a variety of settings that can be done to a website through simple configuration. These settings have been collected in the Website Settings page in the Web Publishing module, so that one can easily control permissions of who can perform these changes.

The following settings can be changed:

  • Logo / Image which appears to the left of the search field
  • Top Links - the menu at the top of all pages
  • Header - text and images that appear to the right of the search field

Configure img 1.png

Image 1. Editable fields in the top of the start page.

  • Footer - divided into four areas that can contain both text and image
  • Teaser below the left menu, which will appear on all pages using the left menu (B2B Accelerator only)
  • Merchant's corporate identity number (B2B accelerator only)
  • Scripts for the whole website, a field in which scripts can be copied and inserted in all the site's pages
  • Script for sharing to social networks, inserted on product pages
  • Designate which page that applies to Checkout, Search, My Account, Login page
  • Specify the field template to use for persons (customers), ready-made templates available for B2C and B2B
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