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The menu link page is used to create mouse-over mega menus for products (grouped or not) and pages.

Types of mega menus

Mega menus can be used to display products grouped alphabetically by field (Image 1) or a list of product groups (Image 2). The Menu link page must be used together with the ProductByFieldList when creating a grouped product list in the menue.

Shop by brand_pub.png

Image 1. Shop by brand mega menu, alphabetically sorted by product catalog field "brands".

Product mega menu_pub.png

Image 2. Product mega menu, lists selected product group and its subgroups.

Create a Shop by brand mega menu

To create a Shop by brand mega menu, start by creating a ProductByFieldList where you select product group and which product catalog field to use.Then you create the MenuLink page and click the Brands radio button. Then select the ProductByFieldsList page you just created.

Create a product or pages mega menu

Select the Product groups radio button and link to the product group which subgroups you want to list. Or select the Pages button and list all subpages of selected page.

Shop by brand_bo.png

Mega menus on a mobile device

In mobile mode, the mega menus are collected under the menu button in the left cornen. When clicked the menu is listed including mega menus.

Shop by brand_mob.png

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