Install into an existing Litium Studio installation

When you install an Accelerator into a Litium Studio installation with existing websites you should follow this guide.

Installing an Accelerator into a new Litium Studio installation without existing websites, follow this instruction.

1. Copy files from the deployment package


2. Create your accelerator website

2.1. Open a web browser and enter Litium Studio back office ( as a user with "System All" permissions

2.2. Open the Control Panel. In the left tree open the node Deployment where you will find the available accelerators.

Install img1.png
2.3. Click on the accelerator you want to install.

2.4. Enter name and domain name for the accelerator website.

2.5. Press Save in the toolbar and wait.

2.6. Your accelerator web site has now been created.

We also created:
• folder in media archive for the accelerator files
• article group for the accelerator articles
• assortment for the accelerator product groups and/or products

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