Price interval logic for price filtering

When using filter navigation or price filter in the mega menu the prices are grouped into price groups. 

When the price groups are created the Accelerator has a few rules how the rounding should work and also max price choices. All these parameters are easy to change for a developer.

All the logic is found in the ProuctFilterTags class inside the method CreatePriceGroup and Round.

The CreatePriceGroup method contains settings for the maximum number of slots the prices should go into and the default value is set to 7.

Round method contains a matrix with rules; see table below.

Price below Round to nerest
100 10
1000 100
5000 500
10000 1000
15000 1500
20000 2000
25000 2500
50000 5000
100000 10000
150000 15000
500000 50000
1000000 100000
10000000 1000000
MaxValue 10000000


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