Configure URL handling

Every time a request is reaching Litium, the URL handler determines if it is a request for a Litium page or something else - for example a CSS-file or an image. This determination reduces the performance slightly.

So in the case of for example requesting CSS-files, you have the possibility to configure Litium to not handle that request, just pass the request along. So for any folders that are requested often, it is a good idea to exclude that folder from the URL handling. When you exclude it, it won’t be possible to create a root page with that folder name as URL name.

The following words are not possible to use in the first part of a URL name

  • Litium
  • Site
  • Bin
  • App_Code
  • App_Data
  • App_GlobalResources
  • App_LocalResources
  • App_WebResources
  • App_Browsers
  • Theme

Define your own disabled routing paths

In web.config, under the element litium/studio/cms/routing it is possible to add your own routes that should be disabled. Just add the element “disabledRoutingPath along with the value which should be disabled.

For example:
<disabledRoutingPath path="MyFolder"/>

Charachters that are not allowed in a URL name:

/ \ . , ; : + * ' § ½ " < > | ! ? $ & = @ # % { } ^ ~ [ ]`´¨¤

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