New Service release - Litium Studio 4.7.6 Security issue (important)

Litium Studio 4.7.6 is released due to a security issue in minor version 4.7. It is a critical bug that enables users to gain higher permissions than they are assigned. The risk of someone abusing this is small but we still strongly recommend that any project using Litium Studio 4.7 should apply the service release. This issue does not affect earlier versions of Litium Studio, it only applies to minor version 4.7.

The service release includes some other fixes that you can read about in the Release Notes.

Apply the service release by running the upgrade program included in the package or perform a manual upgrade. Note that the service release 4.7.4 included BREAKING CHANGES to consider, if you haven't applied any of the later versions.

Download Litium Studio 4.7.6 >>>

If you have any questions feel free to contact Litium Support.

News published 2015-03-04