New Service release - Litium Studio 4.7.3 (important)

Litium Studio 4.7.3 service release includes the following fixes:

  • Image downloading gets cancelled on the public site
  • Payment provider callbacks are not working
  • Other minor fixes and improvements (see Release notes for details)

It also includes these new features:

  • To improve SEO, the Keywords field in the SEO tab has been removed and two new checkboxes are added: Index page and Follow links on page. Read more about working with SEO >>>
  • A tooltip in the Web Publishing module now displays page information for publishing time, username etc.This information was previously in the area where you now find checkboxes for screen size and drop-down for target groups.
  • Control panel user interface to administer permanent URL redirects. Add url:s manually or import/export from Excel.This is an option for you to keep traffic from old campaigns or web sites. Read more about permanent redirects >>>

Apply the Service release by running the upgrade program or perform a manual upgrade. All documentation for Litium Studio 4.7 also applies to its Service releases.

Download Litium Studio 4.7.3 >>>

Starting from Litium Studio 4.7 Hotfixes are renamed Service releases.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Litium Support.