New releases available for download!

New Litium Accelerator 4.1 includes MasterPass via new versions of Dibs and PayEx payment providers. The checkout has been rebuilt and customers can opt to checkout with MasterPass starting in the mini-cart.

To support Litium Accelerator 4.1 we release Litium Studio 4.8.1 which is a service version and also includes various bug fixes. In order to support Litium customers on Litium Studio 4.7 we also release a service version called 4.7.7 which can be found in the release archive.

Dibs and PayEx payment providers can also be used to implement MasterPass for customers not using Litium Accelerator.


Release notes:

Litium Accelerator 4.1

Litium Studio 4.8.1

Litium Studio 4.7.7