New release! Litium Studio 4.7 with Accelerator 3.2 and selected add-ons

We are very proud to announce new Litium Studio 4.7! Packed with everything from new functionality to performance improvements and updated design this is a release you should definately check out.

Litium Studio 4.7


  • Personalization with target groups
  • Tier prices
  • Improved user experience
  • Updated back office design

Accelerator 3.2


  • Tier prices
  • Show and hide left menu and right column 
  • Social login with Google and Facebook
  • Better user experience for editors

Litium Studio Integration Kit

Updated to work with Litium Studio 4.7 with new structure for variant groups.

Litium Studio Media Mapper

Updated to work with Litium Studio 4.7 with mapping towards variant groups.

Payment Providers

The default Accelerator payment providers Klarna, DIBS and Payex are updated for Litium Studio 4.7 and shipped with Accelerator 3.2.

Other add-ons

The following add-ons are now 4.7 compatible: Litium Studio Integration Kit, Media mapper, Direct Edit,  Meta data/Keywords and Search statistics.

All add-ons are now labeled with its classification "Licensed", "Source code" and "Partner". All licensed add-ons will be updated to the latest version by Litium. Source code add-ons are updated to the latest version in each project.

News published 2014-06-09