New release! Accelerator 3.1 with sort and filter on price feature

Today Litium presents the new Accelerator 3.1 with new built-in features  to drive sales for B2C and B2B merchants.

Key highlights:

  • Sort and filter on price. Sorting and filtering has been part of the Accelerator from start. In Accelerator 3.1 we added the option to sort and filter on price. This is implemented as a range slider on all product list pages. 
  • Variant listing page template. In Accelerator 3.1 we added a new template for listing variants instead of using a drop down. This is a feature requested from our B2B merchants but it is also included in the B2C Accelerator.
  • Images on sub product groups. Sub product groups in the product group page are now shown with images
  • Updated framework to Foundation Zurb 4.3.2

Click here to start using Accelerator 3.1 and check out the full release notes in our Knowledge Center to learn more.