New add-on! Litium Studio Apsis Connector for e-mail marketing

The new Litium Studio Apsis Connector integrates Litium Studio with Apsis. You simply manage users in Litium Studio Relations and assign them to one or more e-mailing lists (groups). The lists are sent to Apsis and kept up to date by recurring synchronizations.

Users Opting Out are handled by Apsis and will remain in the list (group) but they will not receive any e-mails. Only when a user is deleted from a list in Apsis, it will be removed from the corresponding group in Litium Studio.

  • Create Apsis e-mail lists as groups in Litium Studio Relations
  • Adding or removing a member from a group immediately sends the subscriber information to Apsis
  • Subscibers in Apsis are automatically synchronized with Litium Studio at an optional interval

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News published 2014-10-16