Klarna AddOn 4.7.100 released

Klarna Addon v 4.7.100 contains an important fix to avoid double orders;

Reason - When KCO order is placed, Klarna notify Litium using a background call (called push notification), when it is received Litium creates the order in Litium and notify Klarna about Litium ExternalOrderId, which is called "order created" update to Klarna. However, on certain scenarios (that are outsides Litiums control), this order created update response to Klarna, timeouts or results in other failures at Klarna. That results in Klarna not knowing whether Litium created the order or not.  After a while Klarna calls the push notification call again, notifying existance of KCO order, to which Litium might respond by creating another order because Litium AddOn interprets this second call as a new KCO order.

Above is fixed in v 4.7.100 of addon, and will also need a change in the Checkout page as described here. Note the documentation," ... and also even if the order is present, we still check the payment status and call the ExecutePayment if the payment status is still Init, ExecuteReserve or Pending. .."