Important update for all projects using Klarna checkout

When using Klarna Checkout, after end customer has clicked "confirm purchase" button inside the Klarna Checkout iframe,  the order is created in Litium when the end customer is shown the order receipt, or when Klarna notify Litium through a push notification background call.

If the browser was closed before the receipt was shown, Litium need to receive the Klarna push notification background call to create the order.

Where the push notification url is constructed depends on your Checkout page code. For example, if you are using accelerator 5, MVC:  Push notification url is constructed in "KlarnaPaymentArgs" in the CreatePaymentArgs() method in the  klarna checkout controller,  "KlarnaWidgetV2" class.

For the push notification to work correctly, the push notification Url should contain the following query string parameter.

TransactionNumber = "{}"

In certain implementations due to an error in Litium Accelerator code, the Url is wrongly formatted as "{checkout.order.uri}"  , in these installations, the push notifications are not received correctly.

To correct the issue update the Klarna addon to latest version, which fixes the issue internally.

If not updated, Klarna push notifications may not be received correctly by Litium and might lead to orders not being created in Litium in the event that the browser has been closed by the customer before viewing the order receipt.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Litium Support.