Hotfixes become Service releases - Litium Studio 4.7.1 available now!

Starting from Litium Studio 4.7 Hotfixes are renamed Service releases.

We hope this will make us even more flexible providing partners and customers with rapid fixes for critical issues at the same time as we simplify our product versioning.

For you, the only difference is the name Service release instead of Hotfix.

To summarize:

  • A Service release is for example Litium Studio 4.7.1 meaning "major version 4, minor version 7, service 1".
  • A Service release will be the same "size" as Hotfixes used to be, containing bug fixes and smaller enhancements.
  • Our aim is that no breaking changes should be included into Service releases making them as easy to apply as a hotfix.
  • Hotfixes for earlier versions of Litium Studio are availalable at the download page Archive.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Litium Support or your personal contact at Litium.

Litium Studio 4.7.1 Service release available now!

Release date: 2014-07-03


Apply the Service release by running the upgrade program or perform a manual upgrade.

All documentation for Litium Studio 4.7 also applies to its Service releases. Download Litium Studio 4.7.1 >>>

News published 2014-07-03