Litium Studio 4.6.2 Hotfix 4 - Communication problems with SQL Server and upgraded addresses on organizations (Important)

This hotfix resolves the issue with websites that restart due to communications problems with SQL Server. The restart appears randomly and could potentially affect all customers on Litium Studio 4.6.2. This hotfix is therefore classified as “Important” and we strongly recommend that it is applied.

In Litium Studio 462, the way billing and delivery addresses for Organizations are stored in the database changed which affected customers that upgraded and uses the Relations module. No data was removed but is no longer visible in backoffice. With Hotfix 4 you can easily get the values into custom fields.

This hotfix also includes everything in 4.6.1 Hotfix 13. For specific information please read the release notes.

Note! There are developer notes to be considered when applying.

Download Litium Studio 4.6.2 Hotfix 4 (you need to be signed in to access the release page)