Litium Studio 4.6.1 Hotfix 3 and 4 - improvements in the relations module, content templates and sharing pages to mobile web site (Optional)

Also for Litium Studio 4.6.1 we are releasing two hotfixes simultaneously. However, you only need to install hotfix 4 since all our hotfixes are cumulative.

Hotfix 3 is recommended to customers changing content templates in the editor window (see example), customers with many organizations in Relations module and/or customers using shared pages.

Hotfix 4 includes performance improvements when sharing pages to mobile web sites as well as adjustments to the organizations tree indexing. 

Since only a small number of our customers are affected these hotfixes are both classified as Optional. For more details please read the hotfix 3 and hotfix 4 release notes..

Download Litium Studio 4.6.1 Hotfix 4 (you need to be signed in to download)

News published 2012-09-13