Litium Studio 4.6.1 Hotfix 13 - Communication problems with SQL Server (Important)

We have found that an internal background job that runs in the CMS module causes the application pool to restart due to communications problems with SQL Server.

This appears randomly and could potentially affect all customers on Litium Studio 4.6 and later service versions. This hotfix is therefore classified as “Important” and we strongly recommend that it is applied.

Customers on version 4.6.0 needs to upgrade to at least service version 4.6.1 including hotfix 13. There will be a separate Hotfix released for version 4.6.2.

For specific information please read the release notes.

Note! There are developer notes to be considered when applying. They are found in the installation instructions as well as in the release notes.

Download Litium Studio 4.6.1 Hotfix 13 (you need to be signed in to access the release page)

News published 2013-04-16