Dibs AddOn v3.5

Dibs Addon version 3.5 is released and can be downloaded from Litium nuget feed.

It now has payment support for Litium as a headless ECommerce. Set the headlessCheckout attribute in Litium.Studio.AddOns.Dibs.dll.config to enable. Note that you cannot use a Litium CMS website when this attribute is enabled, but should use a diffent CMS system that uses Litium ECommerce as the headless ecommerce solution.

Contains a improvement on iDeal status checking. In Dibs iDeal is executed through D2 platform, and Litium AddOn is for DT platform. Dibs internally routes the requests to the D2 platform. Therefore, when iDeal is configured for a merchant account for Litium, Dibs will also create a internal D2 platform account. This account id is needed to correctly check the status of the transaction, and need to be set in the d2StoreName attribute in the Litium.Studio.AddOns.Dibs.dll.config file. The account id to D2 platform should be requested from Dibs support.


News published 2018-06-09