Adyen AddOn v4.7.102 is released

Adyen addon v 4.7.102 is released. Following changes are done in this version.

  • Send Litium ExternalOrderId as reference when calling Cancel, Capture and Refund in Adyen API. This makes the Adyen backoffice to additionally show the Litium order external id in Adyen UI.
  • Return true when IPaymentProvider.ReturnPayment is called. Note that, Adyen is operating asynchronously, and this return value "true" does not mean the return has succeeded. To check the status of payment, need to wait until Adyen notify back from a server to server call, and then the Litium payment status will be correctly updated to Returned. Until then the payment will be in status "Paid".
  • Improved logging.
  • Changes to how user cancelling is handled after redirecting to Adyen (in Adyen Hpp).