Webhook Endpoints for Connect

Litium Connect Erp API v 1.1 has its own webhook registration, which will help to list out and allow registration for only Connect's webhook events. The API documentation can be found here.

Method Uri Description
GET ​/Litium​/api​/connect​/erp​/webhooks​/filters Gets all WebHook filters that a user can use for registration. The filters indicate which WebHook events that the specific WebHook will be notified for.
GET ​/Litium​/api​/connect​/erp​/webhooks​/registrations​ Gets all registered WebHooks.
POST /Litium/api/connect/erp/webhooks/registrations Registers a new WebHook.
DELETE ​/Litium​/api​/connect​/erp​/webhooks​/registrations Deletes all existing WebHook registrations.
GET ​/Litium​/api​/connect​/erp​/webhooks​/registrations​/{id} /Litium/api/connect/erp/webhooks/registrations/{id}
PUT /Litium/api/connect/erp/webhooks/registrations/{id} Updates an existing WebHook registration.
DELETE /Litium/api/connect/erp/webhooks/registrations/{id} Deletes an existing WebHook registration.