Litium Connect v 2.0 Overall Structure

ImportBatch is the input model contains everything -  Import data for Customer (Organization, Person), Product (BaseProduct and Variant), PriceList (PriceList and VariantPriceItem) and Inventory (Inventory and VariantInventoryItem). It also has Import setting classes for Organization, Person, Product and Variant.

ImportBehavior defines the import processor behavior - Stop on Error or ProceedWithErrors. Id of the import report that linked to the ImportBatch will be created and returned from Litium.



Customer Import Batch Detail 

This is the entity model for importing customers.


Litium needs the address type when importing address. Litium address types may not match exactly the AddressType in this model; . For example, if the address in ERP is a "AddressType::Billing", but in Litium it is named as "BillToAddress", use the PersonSettings::AddressTypeMapping dictionary to map it. In this example, entry key will be AddressType::Billing and value is "BillToAddress".

Also, in Person::PriceGroupIds there are links between Person and PriceGroup, which will be imported as Litium group to allow specific customers to access a list of exclusive pricelists. This is called Customer Price in ERP.  The price lists must be imported first and priceListIds in PriceGroup will help to create read access to pricelists for given groups.


Inventory import: 

You can import a full inventory using inventory item list, or we could update a single variant item by sending VariantInventoryItem.

Note! If we send in a full Inventory with inventoryItem inside, any inventory item of that given inventory that is not in the list will be deleted.

For example, we have InventoryA which has InventoryItem1 , InventoryItem2 and InventoryItem3. If the incoming importBatch has a new update InventoryA with InventoryItem1, InventoryItem3 and InventoryItem4 then inventory item 1,3 will be updated, 4 will be added and 3 will be deleted.

If a specific VariantInventoryItem was supplied then it should be an adding or updating for that given inventory item.


Price list import batch

Pricelist import follows the same principles as Inventory import. If a full pricelist with priceListItem was supplied then that will be a full add or update for Pricelist and pricelist item inside of it. If a specific Variant Price Item was supplied, then it is important to find and add or update a single item that was supplied.