Svea Payment Prerelease

The Svea Payment App is a reengineered version of the Svea Add-on for Litium 8 and later. It is used for accepting payments with Svea Checkout.

This is a prerelease and you can find known errors here.

Values to replace in the template:

  • ports
  • environment
    • AppMetadata__AppUrl
    • LitiumApi__ApiUrl
version: '3'
    restart: unless-stopped
    - "10040:80"
    - "10041:443"
    # Enable HTTPS binding
    - ASPNETCORE_URLS=https://+;http://+
    # Configuration for HTTPS inside the container, exported dotnet dev-certs with corresponding password
    - ASPNETCORE_Kestrel__Certificates__Default__Password=${CERT_PWD}
    - ASPNETCORE_Kestrel__Certificates__Default__Path=/https/localhost.pfx
    # Folder for the configuraiton, this is volume-mapped
    - CONFIG_PATH=/app_config
    # Folder where logfiles should be placed, this is volume-mapped
    - APP_LOG_PATH=/logs
    # Don't validate certificates
    - AppConfiguration__ValidateCertificate=false
    # Url to this app
    - AppMetadata__AppUrl=
    # Url to the litium installation
    - LitiumApi__ApiUrl=
    - ./data/svea-payment/config:/app_config
    - ./data/svea-payment/data:/app_data
    - ./data/svea-payment/logs:/logs
    - ./data/svea-payment/DataProtection-Keys:/root/.aspnet/DataProtection-Keys
    - ./data/https:/https:ro


The configuration file must have json format and UTF-8 encoding.

  "Svea": {
    "PaymentAccounts": [
        "PaymentAccountId": "SE",
        "MerchantId": "124842",
        "SharedSecret": "1NDxpT2WQ4PW6Ud95rLWKD98xVr45Q8O9Vd52nomC7U9B18jp7lHCu7nsiTJO1NWXjSx26vE41jJ4rul7FUP1cGKXm4wakxt3iF7k63ayleb1xX9Di2wW46t9felsSPW",
        "Environment": "Test",
        "Country": "Sweden",
        "IsCompany": false,
        "UseValidation": false,
        "PaymentOptions": [
        "PaymentAccountId": "DK",
        "MerchantId": "123",
        "SharedSecret": "...",
        "Environment": "Test",
        "Country": "Denmark",
        "IsCompany": false,
        "UseValidation": false,
        "PaymentOptions": [
  • PaymentAccountId: Identifier to select the account. Must be a unique string.
  • MerchantId: Svea UserName, this is Svea merchant id followed by a string. This value is assigned by Svea.
  • SharedSecret: Svea Password, this value is assigned by Svea.
  • Environment: Svea environment. It should be "Test" or "Live".
  • IsCompany: The flag indicates if the account is company or not.
  • Country: The country of Svea account.
  • UseValidation: The flag indicates if the account is using validation or not.
  • PaymentOptions: It must be "Checkout".