Accelerator release notes

Version 8.0.0

Release date: 2021-09-30


54435 Self-enclosed div tag in Layout.cshtml causes warning (and possible further consequences) for Internet explorer
54795 Bad UI for filtering buttons in mobile view
54834 Clicking on the search button does nothing in mobile devices
54835 Quick search text: check the style is rounding on mobile
54836 Paging in order detail, product list with many pages breaks into 2 lines on mobiles
54837 Checkout page: Layout of checkout page is not good on mobile devices.
54844 Logout is too close to the right on a mobile device
54896 Category SEO text is overriding category name
54952 Accelerator checkout page should throw an error if there is no payment provider configured
54995 In mobile view minishopping cart hovers down of the image
54996 Wrong mobile UI and sorting for the order confirmation address and customer numbers
54997 Mobile view: tabs UI, it is not possible to read anything
55032 IPreOrderValidationRule in the accelerator is using AsAngularResourceString
55084 Button "Add to cart" does not load if adding invalid product item number(0,-1,..) to cart
55100 "Forgot password" does not work on vnext
55104 Delivery and payment methods are not selected by default after cart reload
55132 Wrong titles for the address on my pages - address
55134 Mobile view: selected filter options is added to filters, though not applied
55206 yarn build:w not generating correct client scripts
55207 package.json for Litium.Accelerator.Mvc project have wrong version number for the release
55238 Razor views not updating
55669 Banner block with single banner scales up image
55870 Email BaseUrl does not work on sites with prefix
55928 Quick search on product list pages only finds products in the product list
56129 Litium backoffice double or strange content for new clean Accelerator installation
56194 Incorrect Swedish text for "Reorder" in My pages
56257 Images not available when sharing links online
56446 Check out page: UI issue on Quantity dropdown and Total price
56473 Cannot change product number in cart in IE 11
56474 Difficult to change the product number in the cart on the Checkout page on mobile
56483 The checkout page does not show products in IE 11
56507 Order Detail Header does not look good in mobile
56514 Input email is not fully shown in Email address field in mobile view
56523 Accelerator: Login form overlaps to the footer if using a mobile device at landscape mode
56994 Delete Installing Litium Accelerator.pdf from Litium 8 template
57003 'Show prices with VAT' is not correctly updated on public site
57132 Minor Litium Backoffice missing translations
57154 Product details are not shown on the product details page on accelerator public site