Release notes

Version 4.7.205

Release date: 2022-05-12


58537 Adyen: Upgrade to Checkout API v68 and Drop-In 5.0.0

Version 4.7.204

  • Fix: Additional payment info keys should not be case sensitive. Fix for same key exists error on dropin in certain scenarios.

Version 4.7.203

  • Fix: LiveUrlPrefix error in Adyen HPP
  • Fix: Pending Klarna payments now gets the correct status in Litium

Version 4.7.202

  • New: Support for Blik payment method. This requires a new payment flow, see install instructions (await flow in sq diagram) here >>.
  • New: Updated to latest Adyen API.
  • Fix: LiveUrlPrefix error in Adyen Drop-in.

Version 4.7.201

  • Fix: Allowing phone number to be null or empty in DACH markets (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Version 4.7.200

  • New: Adyen drop-in. See installation instructions here >>.

Version 4.7.115

  • New: Supports PayPal through Adyen. Note that, PayPal "AutoCapture" is not supported.
  • Fix: in Adyen addon, calling PaymentMethodExpireDate causes and exception if the card expiry date is in december.

Version 4.7.114

  • New: Klarna payments through Adyen. There are new configuration settings, see upgrade instructions. Note that, Klarna payments through Adyen in test environment may be working differently in Live environments. You need to add Klarna payments to your Adyen account in adyen back office and test both Test and Live environments to get it enabled.

Version 4.7.113

  • Fix: Incorrect payment status in Litium if a credit card is denied. e.g. with Vipps, and/or from other payment methods.

Version 4.7.112

  • New: Allow the merchant reference to be modified at Adyen backoffice. Adyen Addon will now try to fetch the order by the original payment reference, if the order is not found from merchant reference, it will be searched by original payment reference during Adyen background server to server calls.
  • Fix: When refund fails, the payment should enter the refund failed state.
  • Fix: Language code sent to Adyen should only be two letter code.
  • Fix: If the card payment method is not recognized by Litium Addon, there exists a tendancy to put the payment into Paid state instead of Reserved. Further protection is added to avoid this scenario.
  • Fix: If a payment fails for a payment method such as Swish, where capture is not allowed, the payment should be in ChargeFailed state instead of CaptureFailed.

Version 4.7.111

  • New: Support for Vipps
  • New: Additional logging for background server-to-server communication
  • Fix: Swish through adyen sometimes not working when phone number has '+' in front.
  • Fix: Special characters are not displayed in Adyen Hpp UI.

Version 4.7.110

  • Release is redacted due to an error.

Version 4.7.109

  • Improve performance in multi-server scenarios. Note: New attribute added to config file: "serverCommunicationDelayInMinutes" which should be set to default value of 2.

Version 4.7.108

  • Change the sync lock key of order external id to be unique to avoid key collisions.

Version 4.7.107

  • Remove trailing slash in web service end point urls Capture, Cancel, Refund

Version 4.7.106

  • Added visadankort as a card payment method.

Version 4.7.103, 4.7.104, 4.7.105

  • Live environment url adjustments

Version 4.7.102

  • Send Litium ExternalOrderId as reference when calling Cancel, Capture and Refund in Adyen API. This makes the Adyen backoffice to additionally show the Litium order external id in Adyen UI.
  • Return true when IPaymentProvider.ReturnPayment is called. Note that, Adyen is operating asynchronously, and this return value "true" does not mean the return has succeeded. To check the status of payment, need to wait until Adyen notify back from a server to server call, and then the Litium payment status will be correctly updated to Returned. Until then the payment will be in status "Paid".
  • Improved logging.
  • Changes to how user cancelling after redirecting to Adyen is handled in Adyen Hpp.

Version 4.7.101

  • Support for Litium 7
  • Raw response from Adyen in the ExecutePayment result (useful for headless WebAPIs)

Version 4.7.100

  • Fix: Addresses with special german characters (like ÜüßÖöÄäÅå) apear as question marks in Adyen Hpp paymentwindow
  • Fix: Empty address fields appear as N/A in Adyen Hpp payment window.

Version 4.7.0

  • Fix: Capture, Cancel and Refund now uses asynchronous calls, and status of the operation success is now updated when Adyen server to server background call comes (on server notification call). Adyen Server Communication need to be properly configured, and the site need to be reachable from Adyen (for server to server call) for Adyen to function properly.
  • Version number updated to match the minimum supported Litium product version.

Version 1.2.7

Compatible with Litium 7.

Version 1.2.3

  • Fixed incorrect payment status on multi server environments for rejected cards.

Version 1.2

  • Saving credit card information for hosted payment pages.
  • Saving additional payment method parameters from Adyen to AdditionalPaymentInfo such as credit card hash, etc.